Thursday, February 01, 2007

Something about Terry

Look at this pic, does he look like 1 year old boy? Since he was 7 months old, some have seen him told me that he looks like 1 year old than his actual age. Since born, I don't find Terry have the chubby fat cute baby look, he more to mature looking. At times when compare with those 1 year old boy, Terry is just look like their age..haha...really grow fast..
Now, he just pass through his 8 teething stage. He no more "lau gei". Whenever stomach full, place him in anywhere he won't make noise, and he can play by himself. Unlike if he is tired then he will cry for sarong, or sometime can just fall asleep at where he plays. If he is nothing, I try not to carry too much at home, to prevent he develop a carry habit from me. You see, I so slim, he is getting heavier and heavier, frankly I can't carry him for more than 15 minutes now. Most of the time, I carry with by sitting down.
Baby vomit or throw out is normal for them. There was once when I carry him out from sarong and I lied down and place him on my stomach area to play with him. Then, I intend to kiss him, so I bend my hand to let his lip touch me, who know he VOMIT into my mouth and over my shirt too. Yikess..!! I really feel puke! the throw out is in my mouth, and it taste sour!! Faster I place him down and I wash my mouth with lots of water, even after the wash I still feel like want to throw out.
These are some of our memoirs.

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