Tuesday, February 13, 2007

Things I like

Being tag for the first time by shoppingmum, here goes things I like.
  • I like to eat - friends who know me well will know I love to eat not only that I'm a big eater too. New friend will get a shock and they don't think I can eat so much with a slim body. At a time I can eat char kuey tiao, chee cheung fan and 2 roll of popiah, yet thank God my body is not easy to go wide.
  • Lie on bed and read magazine - my most most like habit is lying on bed and read my favourite magazine until I fall a sleep. I have lost this pleasure after having Terry :P
  • Shopping - really can shop for hours, longest is up to 8 hours. Even window shop I also like it. I still remeber I haven't end my confinement already went for shopping. Last time when I'm working in Mid Valley I can shop everyday.
  • Neat and tidy - in the sense of iron all my cloths and pants which ever to wear for work or for outing. Now I even iron Terry's cloth.
  • Workout - like to move around. During my gym day I pretty love doing body step and body combat, but no Yoga or body balance to me, I will fall asleep..haha...but now no more again after having baby...woman ahh woman...when can we have time for all our likes?
  • I like to hand-made things to friends and design it my own. Last time I used to hand-made Birthday card, Valentine's day card, bookmark. Hubby got that a few from me.
Here are mine, sounds normal right? I would like to tag Baby Darren, The Blue Ranger, Pinky and Shereen.

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