Thursday, February 15, 2007

Terry's playground

Since Terry don't like to lie down for long and don't like to sleep, he likes to lie on stomach to play. For safety, I place him in the playpan or put on ABC floor mat for him to play. He don't like being put in the playpan, once he can't see us or walk away from him, he will cry. As for on the floor, he will cry too if we are not there to play with him. Be it on the floor he can crawl further to discover more of my drawer knob, and open it for those light drawer, hi-fi player volumn button, door stopper, home slipper and etc..things he can reach for.

He is getting boring on the toys he plays since born. He will throw it or just hold it for second then put it away and look for other new things. He is kind of detail in looking for things, a very small piece of paper or even a single hair on his bed he can pick it up to play. I notice he like small small toys than big toys.

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