Sunday, February 11, 2007

No power supply

Just 2 hours ago, when I was sleeping with Terry, suddently power cut off. just a hot day how can no power now, and I was thinking Terry won't have good sleep later. Then, I check out hub sleeping in the dining room with his football match on. I wake him up to check the electric box, to make sure the button is not jump off. In his blur blur eye just awake from me, he claimed to me that it is ok, nothing wrong with it. Then, he went to bedroom.

I really can't sleep without fan. I try to check out up and down units, they have power supply. So, I assumed must be the meter in the electrical room having problem. We don't have a torch light at home, so I got to on my handphone to get light and look for TNB number to report failure. So, I called and they send technician to check.

I was thinking will they come later or tomorrow morning. Terry is keep on waking up and not sleep comfortable. His forehead is sweating. I keep on fanning him and open up more windows. Just pray that they will come and sort it out asap.

1 hour later, 3 malay technician ring my bell, and ask us to open our door to check the electric box. They told me that they have check the meter outside and it works fine. Then I awake hub again to check it, without letting them to come in first. Hub push up and down the power button, there the power is back, lights on. *duh! So, you see man means man, they won't do things properly. I really so embrassing and guilty asking them to come and do nothing without check it properly first.

So I can't sleep now, online and continue make my money posting. Actually just now I was very tired after cleaning the whole kitchen for 2 hours.

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