Friday, February 09, 2007

Travel with little ones

As CNY is coming, I believe some of you are leaving home and back to hometown or visiting relatives. Traveling with small babies and kids can sometime create havoc while we on the move. Here are some tips on how to keep your little ones while going out.

Traveling by car:
  • Cover kids’ sear will spill covers to keep seats clean.
  • Let kids sleep during night hours of driving.
  • Keep a fresh supply of washcloths/ wet wipes available in the car.
  • Have garbage bags handy for the kids’ area of the car.
  • Pack raincoats and umbrellas in your vehicle.
  • Plan surprises for the kids along the way.
  • Bring kids’ pillows from home to help them sleep better.
  • Make child aware pf consequences when they act up.
  • New coloring books and crayons are always a hit!
  • Have travel desks available to make playing easier.
  • Create travel games for the entire family to play. Play "I spy" or make a game from billboard signs.

    Traveling by plane:
  • Discuss proper manners for a plane trip.
  • Be early and ready for plane departures.
  • Keep them busy on a plane ride.
  • Play luggage games at the luggage carousel.
  • Make waiting for the plan an adventure be exploring.
  • Give your child a candy (if she is old enough) and baby a pacifier during take off and touch down to help them with the air pressure in their ears.
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