Wednesday, February 07, 2007

Progress update

Have officially started on money blogging since more than a week ago. Yes, is not easy at start, taking up offer and think of own words to write it out again. Some days did work till mid night, but is happy to see money growing, not only that, it has help Googles Adsense growing at the same time. For the first week in my PayPal, able to see money there..around USD$50. Good? I hope to get more. Due to last week not much offer and I try to write all whatever from Blogitive, Blogsvertise and CREAMaid. But, from today onward, PPP comes in, and I happy enough that my resubmit blog just got approved. PPP having more opportunities and good money.

At times when there are many opportunity I like and want to take it, I'll write like mad....haha..1 day can post up to 3-4 posts. Sorry to my readers who lost somewhere, hope you can catch up. For Blogitive, they required 2 own posts in between before the new Blogitive post, whereas for PPP only 1 post in between. So, if I want to write more ads, that means need to write more of my own post. Sometime I did out of topic to blog, so just put on some informative article which I've collected from email.

Currently, I'm writing for
Blogitive, Blogsvertise, CREAMaid, PayPerPost and now left LoudLaunch on pending for blog approval. These are the 5 potential site for ad writings.

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Baby Darren said...

i respect u..being full time taking care of terry still got time to blog for $$. How I wish i have more time to blog for darren and blog-hop. Sometimes i felt so tired but also wanted to blog..but finally convinced myself to rest first. Or else, I'll have no patience and energy to take care of darren.