Wednesday, February 28, 2007

9 months old

Weight: Almost 10kg
Height: 75 cm
Teeth : 8 (4 up, 4 down)
Solid : 2 times porridge per day (4 spoonful brown + white rice)
Fruit : 2 times per week
Milk : 6oz - 3 times per day
Water : 6oz - 8oz

Marching into another month, big baby is turning to 9 months full on the 3rd day of CNY. After the CNY I found that looking after him is more preasuring as I mention before.

Now he no longer lie flat for long, all the time he wakes means lie on stomach or crawling around. He can crawl better and fast now, especially when you have food on your hand and ask him to come, he crawl more fast. Really so "wai sik". He can crawl from room to kitchen and look for me. He will crawl near to the chair or his walker and pull or drag to make sounds. Sometimes go under my computer table or chair when I go online.

When go on walker and near the table, his hand will sweep down the things from the table. When bathing, his palm pat or splash the water, sometime it wet my pant and face. Changing diaper or cloth is more challenging now, he won't stay still for you to change even you shout "Don't move". So I need to get something for him to hold and play for a while in order to get the change done. When I shout for "No" sometime he don't dare to go further or touch things. Now I place him in the computer room, put the ABC floor mat and let him play, lie and crawl. Here more safety as this room is more empty and spacious. Playpen can't used on him. Not more than 1 minute he will cry if put him in there. Every now and then, he wants new things. Those toys he plays all this while no longer he interested in.

I still can't put him on high chair yet, as when half way of eating sometime he make fuss and cry for carry to eat. Then he will pull his body down. So, better I still put him on rocking chair to feed. As he can't sit by himself yet, lazy to sit. When feeding also moving around, so I need to get him something to hold. If he don't want something, he will push away. Push very strong now. Ask to "pai pai shou" (clap hand), he will clap on my palm. Now, he can do it whenever we ask for.

Few days ago thought of potty train him, I carry him with leg open and put the pot down, he just refuse it, keep on shouting, kicking and crying. Can't carry for long too as he is heavy now. I think wait until he able to sit only start training him. Now I'm looking for a child gate block between the dining area and kitchen area. I checked one from eBay, quite like it USD$32.88. I'm still waiting the seller to give me the shipping price. If it is reasonable I will get it. Just for safety since now he crawl everywhere. Like to make noise, with all his baby language. Sometime talk to him, he will kind of response you. When he don't like he will shout. After milk don't even want to carry to burp first, he will twist and cry for let go.

For his solid meal. Everyday fish porridge is the based, added with the vege mixture like:
1. Brocolli + cauliflower + carrot (or Brocolli + cauliflower, Brocolli + carrot, cauliflower + carrot)
2. Small pumpkin from Japan in green (eat the skin too)
3. Carrot + egg yolk (very nice!)
4. Bayam
5. Spring onion + carrot
6. Potato + tomato + carrot
and etc...

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jazzmint said...

hi, this jazzmint here.

whoa, ur boy almost same age as mine and drinking so much more than mine :(. anyways, here's the link to the scrapbook tutorial which I've put up and also where to get freebies.

happy scrapping :). and thanks for dropping by my site.