Thursday, February 22, 2007

2007 CNY (Part I)

It is just very very tiring throughout the few days of CNY. Here are what we did over the few days.

17/2 年三十 - back to Seremban for so called reunion, but not everyone is there. We go off at 9.30am reach at 11.30am with a lil bit traffic jam before the Seremban, Labu exit. As promised to visit his aunty first, end up didn't make it, as Wai have no communication with FIL and thought that they already left at that time. In fact they still jam in Bangi. So, we direct drop at grandfather house around 12 noon. Had our lunch, and at 2pm+ only my FIL back as they visit his aunty at around 12, a bit late as previous year. So, you see this is the 2nd year (after married) we did not visit aunty.

All the way back to Seremban is raining. Thank God for the rain, it is not hot when we sit under zinc roof. This round is less fly then previos time we visit. Terry boy is good, he can sleep with sarung and play balls with the cousins there. Since CNY, I have change Terry feeding. Before go out out the house, I gave him cereal first, then on the way visiting just feed milk. Thats way it is more easy for me. Since kampung there got rare chicken and dog, we just walk near to them and let Terry look at it. He look stun to animals..haha...

After dinner, giving out ang pao, then we left. Reach home sweet home at 7pm.

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