Thursday, February 01, 2007

Cousins visit

Since today is Thaipusam and Wilayah day, KL and PJ is on holiday. Afternoon Terry's 2 biu yi yi, biu yi jiong, yi po and cousins from Ipoh came to visit him. One of the biu yi yi first time see him. Ohh... she loves hugging him. This biu yi yi since married no baby yet, and she loves baby a lot. Luckily Terry not cry and refuse when this first time biu yi yi carry him. Normally stranger carry him, he will like wanted to cry out.

Terry began to play with biu yi yi and keep on look around for so many ppl in the house. Then, I placed him in the walker and he runs about. He kept on running to cousin bro, Dickson and like want to play with him. But this small bro (about 4 yrs old) don't know how to play with him, so he just look at him. Terry is so excited in the walker and with ppls around him.

When times to eat, biu yi yi help me to feed him and keep on praising him, he is very good and fast in eating. (yes, he finish up food in less than 25 minutes). We all chit-chat with other and they just stay for 2 hours then they went to shopping. My mum stayed back for awhile at my place after they go. We have lunch and chit-chat for another 2 hours. I got 2 offer sto complete before times up. *hurry up*

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