Friday, February 16, 2007

Everywhere is people

Just went to shopped again at Carrefour, as we have something left to buy for CNY. I went alone and bought in both handful. A lot of ppl coming out to buy things as the day near. Pushing a trolley inside really hard, as the item display on the pallet blocking half of the walk way with many trolley following you and come opposite you, need not to block people when you look for things you want. Really not comfortable to do shopping last minute. Not only that, many item have sold off too...Overall the CNY items in Carrefour is having not much to choose from compared to hubby got it at Econsave market. The quality also not as good as those in Econsave. Since is last minute, so we don't wan to go back there again. Just grab a few I want then go back. Carrefour business hour is extended to 12 midnite for a few days.

Yesterday Valentines day, as usual I still need cook and we not celebrating it, when I went out to throw rubbish I saw a couple walked out from the lift and the lady carrying a big bouquet of roses with bear. At that moment actually I was quite envy it. Anyway not too bad too, even is over, today hubby got me a box of Ferrero Rocher. Good also, I'm happy already.

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