Thursday, February 01, 2007


CNY is coming soon. Last year due to pregnant with Terry, we didn’t back to my mum’s hometown in Ipoh. This year we should back, and introduce baby Terry to all our relatives, as some have not seen him before.

Just now, while watching CH19 for 7pm movie and feeding porridge to Terry, hubby holding the calendar, and sit next to me in the sofa. Flip to the February month calendar. Below are our conversation.

Hub: These 2 days we should go back to Ipoh, if I can get off of work earlier. *circle up date 15th & 16th, Chinese calendar nian 28&29 *

Me: So early? Cannot be, majority my relatives not yet back, and my uncle on business may not be free to put up with our arrival. 19th & 20th is the best time.

(Talk in loud, like almost talk in quarrel, Terry starts crying with ppl talk in loud)
Hub: If I end work early then should be 15th & 16th, else 19th & 20th, if I end work late. I want to go earlier, since you so want to go back. You everyday just stay at home, nothing for you. I have to drive all the way, and your place not go and back on the same day. You think only visit your own relatives, I also want to visit my relatives on 20th onwards in a few days. Go back early can avoid traffic jam. I don't want everything put on last minute.

Me: When u… *not able to finish my sentence yet *

(Continue in high tone)
Hub: I plan like that means like that. In-law family so important ah? My relatives only open for visits on 20th onwards. You must follow my plan, don’t talk so much here, not you plan for it. You must follow what I plan. Consider whose importance, ha! You think just to follow your convenience?

(I look at him in straight in eye, try to remain calm)
Me: Can you let me talk and open up to discuss it? Now want to quarrel is it? People not free to serve us before 17th. Go back also no meaning, can’t see everybody at once. Give things to relatives also not convenient. Why not back on 19th morning, stay for a night and back on 20th morning, since you said yours on 20th onwards, we reach KL at noon on 20th and continue visit all your relatives. It is just nice. When you restart your working day?

Hub: That you don’t care, may be early. Now you have to follow my plan, don't talk so much ok? 18th go back to my house, then your uncle house, then back my house again.

Is this a big man saying? Always have he say, I got no right to do any planning and suggestion. Wondering what’s my position at this home? At time I just feel like a slave.

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Desperate Mummy said...

Judy actually we are at the same situation. My hub's also the same. Every year we will quarrel because of going back to his parents place in Ipoh. But what to do we are married to them so no choice :(