Thursday, February 15, 2007

All get ready

Whatever need to be brush, wash, rub, clean, shop and buy, we have done. Here are the CNY gifts and hampers to be send to our relatives. Tomorrow hubby will off for work and we will get ready to celebrate CNY. Hope tomorrow we have spare some times to go out and look at the red red decoration at shopping mall.

17/2, Sat - back to Seremban, his granpa house for reunion dinner.

18/2, Sun - Visit FIL, my uncle and back FIL's place to have dinner
19/2-20/2, Mon-Tues - back to Ipoh.
21/2, Wed onwards - visiting KL friends & relatives.

Basically that is our plan at the moment. So many places to go, I think will mess up Terry's eating and sleeping routine. I have get ready too the Nestlé porridge and cereal to bring along, as not at home to do cooking. For the porridge just need to cook for 3 minutes. Not many in a box only 3 packets.

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