Friday, February 23, 2007

Year Golden Pig 2007

This is a stable year for those who are born in the year of the Goat. You will be quite particular about having your own personal space. Hence, you may not like anybody to constantly demand attention from you. This year, you will find yourself attracted to the fields of philosophy, new age (tarot, meditation or alternative healing etc) or human behavior. It is good to keep a low profile because the general year luck is not especially good. You will not get a lot of support or assistance from others. This is not a good year to implement huge changes, especially anything that involves huge risk such as changing careers or setting up businesses.

Stay put. Avoid changing jobs and business expansion. Be conservative in any investment plans.

For those who are getting a stable income, it is good. However, it will be more challenging for those who depend on commission or sales.

There might be more quarrels or disputes between those who are already in relationships as there will be a strong desire to have your own personal space. You might want to do more things alone than with company. It is more difficult than previous years for those who are single to find the right partner.

Average. Be more cautious if there are elders at home. Elders at home are more prone to have health problems or being accident-prone. Look out for them.

Though there is no significant increase of betrayals or backstabbings this year, do be careful of your own behavior. Do not be rude to others even when you wish to be left alone.

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