Saturday, February 10, 2007


Today and tomorrow should be the last weekend for us to buy our CNY things. This morning as usual I went to market to buy my 1 week dishes. I reached at 6.45am. When I walk towards the street outside the market, I saw a lot of peoples buying things, like pasar malam. The street is full park with all stalls selling different kind of CNY stuff, like sea cucumber, mushroom, decoration items, nian kao, biscuit, sweets/nuts and etc...imagine the sky still haven't turn bright people already there...They are getting more earlier out of the house just to get the best before it late.

The day near to CNY, the things are getting more expensive. My mum just told me 4 white bawal fish, big like palm is cost RM60+. That fish is not "tao dai chong" only normal "bak chong" (white bawal). My mum luckily has bought it last week for 3 "tao dai chong" about RM45+. So you can imagine how price things are keep on going up. If you haven't done all your neccessary shopping, do make it as earlier as possible. When I was buying my things, I heard 2-3 times those aunty are asking does chillis price is raising...well this scene of raising price is happen every year. Luckily our government have few items under price control. But anyway is still expensive for some.

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