Thursday, February 22, 2007

2007 CNY (Part II)

18/2 初一 - Early morning 7am, I'm bringing the hamper and gift packs down to the car. Walk up and down 3 times only shifted all down. Faster eat bread as breakfast then bath and feed Terry and we get out of the house at 9.30am to my FIL house. Give out ang pao to 3 SIL, serve tea to FIL with wishes then wait for my parents to visit my FIL before we together go to visit my uncle#1 at Bangsar. My FIL and 3 SIL went to Genting in the afternoon

Every year my uncle#1 open house to served his friends and relatives from reunion dinner to chu 3. Once my uncle#4 have asked how much he actually spend people eating during CNY. He said about 20k+. My this uncle#1 like to served his guests and giving good food.

This year there are so many babies around, my aunty is just so thoughful to us having small babies and kids. She moves aways all the sofa seat and table to the side and empty the area at the center of the dining room, for the convenient of small kids and babies to play without being knock. So, childrens and babies can play at the big empty space. And, parents sit on the floor. I put my stroller there to let Terry sleep, after he tired playing around. He got many ang pao, some he able to hold and then he bite it of cause, until the ang pao edge break a hole.

After eat, drink, chit-chat at uncle#1 house, we back home to rest for 2 hours, before we going down to Happy Valley restaurant for dinner with FIL. Having the 1st lou sang of the year. Can't imagine that, first day of CNY ppl also like to dine out, full house.

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