Monday, February 26, 2007

2007 CNY (Part V)

20/2 初三 - Morning sleep till 8am, although is still very tired, get up to do some chores. At noon, went to visit hubby unlce's house at Jalan Ipoh then lunch at a restaurant nearby his house. His health is getting better, he got a stroke 2 years ago. Now able to walk. Have 2nd time lou sang.

Terry boy, just feed him thick cereal before out of the house. Just 2 hours time, when the time we reach restaurant, he cry and make fuss there and don't want to sit in the stroller. I really don't know what he want, so just carry him to walk around, he is ok with it. All dishes came and ppl start eating, I'm very hungry, but couldn't sit down to eat. Once I sit he cry, so after a while I give him milk, after milk he stop making noise and can sit for a while. Then quickly I finish the lunch, all getting cold the time I ate. Sometimes he just very fast to get hungry. After all eating and fussy, he get tired. All the way back home he sleep, I also sleep.

Proceed to hubby's aunty house at Selayang. Nobody at home. Wondering how come everytime they not call before going. Last year also the same, nobody at home, go second round only the ppl in. Back home, everyone continue sleep.

At night, my wealthy uncle#1 treat us table dinner at Restaurant Jade, Pandan Indah. 6 tables, have 3rd time lou sang, all good dish and liquor. That night, Terry keep on throw out, got about 10 times I think. Even just carry him to sit, he also throw out. So me and my mum take turns carry him, clean him. He just don't want to sleep or sit in the stroller no matter how I rock and toss him. Busy entertain him and eating. I suspect must be travelling too much or the water in Ipoh he can't take it. So back home, I rub oil on him and he looks better after that.

That's the program of the day.

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