Friday, February 02, 2007

Newly learn cook

I have try to cook yong tau fu dish by myself for a few times. Now I only the way master it. See, this is what I did last 2 nights dinner. I bought the fish filling for 300 grams at RM7.50 from wet market.
Before doing it, need to slightly mix around the filling, to get back the sticky feel. Of cause get ready the salt water while you doing it, as it will stick your hand or spoon. When it ready, just stuff it in to the vege you want to do. It can be, fu chuk, tau fu, tau fu bok, lady finger, bitter gourd, chilli, full boil eggs (cut egg in to half, throw away half of the yolk and stuff the filling in the hole), and etc..stuffing technique is very much in mastering it. Thats why I still can't do with tau fu yet. Now outside selling RM0.70 per pc.

Cooking part, hot boil oil, slightly fried the filling part only. Do not fried the whole piece. Remember just slightly fried, when it turns a bit yellowish, you can take it out. Next, put in garlic and a little bit tau chu sauce, fried it and add water. Put in all the yong tau fu piece and let the water ¾ cover it, braise it till it soft.

Tip:- For pieces which fast to get soft, like lady finger, put it in at last with others.

Happy trying.

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