Thursday, February 15, 2007

So far with PPP

Have started with PPP since more than a week ago, this is how I did with PPP. they are many many good paid post, but it really needs time to do each posting and grab fast. It is no such things of "reserve offer" like what Blogitive does with a reserve of 2 days. PPP only let you reserve your opps for 30 minutes! so, need to write very fast and also in between 1 of own post to write.

So far, I have done 17 posts, only 3 posts got approved. I hope all will get approve soon and money coming in after 30 days. You see writing paid post is really writing like mad, now we can take 3 opps per day with in between 1 own post, that means I need to do 6 posts per day in order to take the maximum of opps. If my blog having higher tack, good PR and Alexa scores, I even have more opps and high paid post to choose from. I hope after this month onwards will see some good result gaining population and raise my PR. There is an opps offer USD1000 to write about Rockstartup. fantastic or not? But guess not much blogger can take that. It needs a blog with PR 8.

Blogitive this week no offer to me..quite bad..normally I will have 2 each day for $10. Google adsense keep on counting ...and counting...wish me luck ya!

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