Sunday, February 25, 2007

2007 CNY (Part IV)

19/2 初二 (continue) - Reach my uncle#2 house, full of cousins and aunty, very very noisy, pack, no place to sit, hot. After I unloaded all the stuff from the car boot then set up sarung stand for my darling to sleep. Luckily he able to sleep in the noisy environment for about 1 hour. Children comes in and out from the room, some want to look at him sleeping, some want to wait for him awake to play with him, some want to carry him.

Many of my cousins there saw him the first time. As compared to 4 of the same year babies in the house. Terry is among the youngest, be praised for having good body size, looking good, looks steady and tuff, big eyes, more teeth, most good boy, like to smiles, good to play with...etc...until I got a bit pai seh...everyone one likes to play with him. I'm afraid he will cry for mummy for he seeing so many different and new faces. To my surprise he is not cry for my hug and get used to the environment very fast, as long as the person who carry him plays with him. His sleeping routine is not being mess up even is noisy. He slept 3 times in the afternoon...consider good already, as other babies not get to sleep well and 'lau gei'. Afternoon time I cooked him the Nestlé instant fish porridge and at night I cook the fresh vege porridge, as the instant porridge portion is very little and he is not so much love the taste.

My aunty prepared good food for us..all very delicious. Received and giving out a lot of ang paos. Dsitribute gift to aunties and cousins, Chit-chat with about babies stories..I only get to closed my eyes rest for 15 minutes, even there is a lot of cousins and aunties take turns to carry Terry, but I just don't want to trouble them for long, so I just wake after the short rest.

After dinner, I just get so angry and piss off when hubby said wanted to go back KL on that night, even he has promised to stay over night and back the next day morning. Yes, I know the next day noon we need to visit his relatives. Everyone wants us to stay for a day, but he just want to go back. So what can I do? Complaining that we are so noisy and not comfortable sitting in the house whole day being so bored. While Terry having last round nap in the sarung, I packed up the things, then waken Terry, pack the sarung stand, stuff everything in the car and said early bye-bye to all. Actually I'm crying in the car, for missing all of them which some I'm not see for so long. I just keep quiet throughout the journey back.

Back time Terry create havoc, after I wake him in the middle of nap just now, he just couldn't sleep in the car. So, I feed him the vege porridge. Later, he poo-ed (whole day not poo-ed, as too many ppl play with him). After so long we only get to stopped at highway rest house, no car park. So stop by the road side at the rest house exit, change him and clean him. He poo-ed a lot until the stool stick up to his waist and his shirt, very dirty, the stool watery one. He cried so angry as I open up all and wash him with water carry in my bottle.. When put on cloth, his leg keep on kicking very angry until I can't even change him. My dad help me to pull up his leg then only it done.

So continue our way back, a while later he wants milk, so I feed him. After finish he throw out half of it when burp. Dirty the car seat, his shirt and my shirt. Really so messy. Not change him anymore, carry him, he is crying while I need to clean up the mess. After calm him down, put him back into the car seat, then it only called finish, that time is almost reach Bukit Beruntung. This is what we have done in the car since journey back. Finally he can sleep soudly and I also very tired and close my eye sleep until sent my dad back and back to my house at 11:30pm.

Boy is just too tired, sleep when I clean him and put him back to the cot without making any noise and sleep until the next morning.

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