Saturday, September 09, 2006

Food taken during and after pregnant

Here is the list of food I taken during my pregnancy. I strongly believe that good food really took great effect to the baby health aft born. I can claim that my baby is very healthy till today. Baby size is just nice during born. Since born, he not down for sick before, no obvious jaundice, aft 3rd months injection nothing happen to him too, no phlegm, no running nose, strong immune system (prove that when I sick twice he not get it), good skin.

Here share with u what I’m having throughout the 9+ months, beside the capsules (folic-acid, multivitamin and calcium) given by gynae.

Everyday in the morning:
1 glass per day
EnfaMama milk powder (vanilla). Have try ANMUM milk powder and compare, found that the powder texture is very oily and the milk taste is not tasty. I have taken 10 tins of EnfaMama milk powder. By subscribe to EnfaMama club on and off they will send some reading materials, gifts, vouchers and customer care phone call to u. But, aft pregnant no more now.

1.5 spoon
Millennium Concentrate Cactus Juice product from E.Excel. Taken 1.5L (3 packs). Keep mummy healthy which boost the body immune system so that not easy to get sick and good for baby too.

Few times a week:
Nutrifresh beverage powder and Triflora herbal tea, also product from E.Excel.

Suppose to have Li-Dan too, since I can’t really take the taste, so have stopped after taken a few sachets. It is good to liver.

Quaker Oats Instant cereal, mixture of few type of oats with dry fruits (forgot the name, price is around RM13-14), yogurt drink, pastured milk, fresh milk, soya bean.
Chicken soup, 药材汤, lots of vege, fresh fruit (kiwi and apple eat the most) and fish.

During 6-8 months:
Green coconut water - drink as it is (no add sugar), have it once a week or once every 2 weeks.
Food in less salt to prevent water retention in the body.

Food less taken:
Pineapple, papaya, watermelon, mango, bird nest, peanuts, prawn, ice drink, canned food and spicy food.

Although major supplements above is a direct sales product, I'm not here to sell or promote ok...this is just my own way of eating formula, I hav get in touch with these products since I was small and part of the product which not mention here hav cure my terrible running nose since 10 years ago. Thats why it is very reliable and really suit me. U might not need this, but proven that good products can helps u to have a healthy and clever baby.

After pregnant, of coz the confinement month can't run away from chicken and gingers. Tell you here, I hav taken 21 whole chicken in that month. The chicken is rather small malay kampung chicken which is less fat.

During confinement: Everyday drink - red dates water, Bénédictine DOM, Palace Wine from Elken (alcohol drink have it one kind at a time) and eat 1 box of 苏合丸 (a chinese med small pills to get rid of wind).

After confinement: Within 100 days counting from the day ur baby born - DO NOT EAT yam and cucumber. (I dunno why la...dun hav anything to justify, I just listen to my mum teach for my own good)

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