Thursday, September 07, 2006

3 months old

Weight: 6.84kg

1. Smiling, cooing and making noise when he plays with the ball and mini gym hanging in front of him.
2. Can full turn his body over to the left side, until he tired on the left side he will cry for help to lie flat. Like to sleep in left side too.
3. Manage to grab holds on things, which put in front of his chest or hand.
4. Sucking fists.
5. Neck is stronger now, able to look up when facing down.
6. Doesn't like to lie down for long, prefer us to carry him to walk and sit upright.
7. Smile when he looks at pictures. e.g. like Tweety pillow with big tweety head and hanging photos.

Brought him to botak his hair...ohh...he just looks more cute in botak!

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