Monday, September 04, 2006

Over the week

Last week I sick again. Went to see doctor twice only recover...really hate of it..the first doc Klinik Ng and Lee (Jalan Pudu), which is well famous since my grandma time. Taken the medicine and not recover at all infact it getting worst, dunno how the doctor check, and medical fee also not cheap. I got cold again, bone pain, headache and terrible soar throat. So, Merdeka holiday also cannot bring baby go kai kai..have to stay at home...mummy sick liow...daddy got to do the feeding job in the holiday...wahahaha...good chance to have baby-sit training. Brought baby for hair cut again. This time go botak! aiyah..he looks more cute aft the hair cut. Will update all about him in later blog on his 3-month-old.

Last Saturday, attended my cousin brother wedding dinner at Serdang. Dishes were good. This dinner round many babies can meet each other, those which are all my cousin sis and bro new born during this year counting from Feb-May (each month 1). Everybody carrying one of their own feel very proud and happy and of coz me too. Throughout all the 3 boys and 1 girl, Terry boy is the youngest and body size is the biggest. Others are rather small and the baby girl is mini n tiny. Our chatting topic is not out of babies. During the dinner, as a way of respect the wedding couple having tea ceremony with us. First time drink for wedding tea ceremony, feel special and happy too.

Sunday, a special day too. My cousin brother-John Ng, baptist become a Christian and join my church for worship service. No one will expect he will accept Christ today, as his character is so stubborn n not listen to good advice. But God's work is always out of our expectation. The Love-of-God seed have grown in his heart. May God lead his life to b more fruitful n give him more wisdom.

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