Tuesday, August 29, 2006

30 minutes anxiety

Saturday ago, just another normal day to me. Looking hub went out for work at the doorstep and found that the door knob button "crazy" again, it not pop out when it turn to open. Therefore, hub told me to bring along the key when go out.

So, this time really get into trouble, while I mop the doorstep area (place where put the shoes with shoes racks), I bend with my back so to hold n block the door from closed. While I'm cleaning, I was totally not in mind that the door knob is spoilt. Suddently a strong wind blow and that time I was a bit out from the door (not blocking the door) as to clean the outter part. A loud sound... "PONGG"... the door closed.

Aiyoh, this time 'bei gah foh' the door only can open from inside and not from outside (coz the door knob button not pop out when it turns to open). Ahhh...this time 'sei la' I lock myself outside the door and inside the gate!!! I dun have a door key (who will bring a key together if u not going out, but just to clean the doorstep area?)

Again, another shock. So how la...no key, no phone, no ppl outside the gate, neighbour all door closed, lock outside the door inside the gate area. Stand at the 6"x3½" doorstep holding the mop. I was like an ant in the hot pan. Baby was having nap in the bedroom and boiling soup in the kitchen. Brain totally blank for a few second, coz too nervous. What to do lehh.....faster I put my hand cross over to the next house grill door and shake it very hard and called out 'hello' a few times. May b no body at home, or may b the iron pat lock not hitting the grill door strong enough and ppl inside can't hear with door closed. This time I got to shout already. I saw 2 doors away an aunty was in n out the kitchen. I shout rather in high tone (in cantonese),

"阿嫂, 麻烦你出来一下!" shout a few times - no response.
So, I go for another shout "麻烦你出来一下, 我的门反琐了!!!" also shout a few times...but not the aunty few doors away came out, but my opposite neighbour.

C: Neighbour J:Me

(coversation in cantonese)

C: What's wrong?

J: My door is lock from inside and I dun have a key now.
C: How did u wan me to help u? If u not said u lock urself outside I won't come out and check.

(While she open her gate)
C: Pls borrow me ur phone, I need to make calls for help.
(C went into her house and pass me her mobile)

After she hand me her mobile I called my mum. She hav a set of my front door keys. Aft call her, she also can't reached me immediatedly as her car hav send for repair for a few days. She then called my dad, luckily he was near by Puchong that time, but not sure need to take how long to reached me. After finish the call I giv C back her mobile.

J: Thanks for helping.
C: If u hav anything pls let me know, my name is Canny
(Not sure is Canny or Candy, what I heard is Canny. She go in to her house and close her door.)

This time, I heard baby Terry crying from nap.Crying very loud, coz no ppl inside approaching him. What to do... sorry boy, ur mummy is locked outside. No choice, hav to wait until popo came and save mama. He cry and stop a while then cry and cry...my heart also pain already...but can't help..so wait lorr...

After 10 min,
C: How are u there?
J: My mum is coming to open the door.
C: Need any magazine to read while waiting? wan to pass u a chair but can't help. (as I lock inside the gate)
J: Thanks, I can sit on the floor, nevermind and is ok, anyway I was not in mood to read magazine now. My baby is crying inside, I wan to hear him. Anyway, can u borrow me again ur phone. I need to call and check how long my mum will come.
C: OK.
(she pass me her mobile again)

After some casual chat she went into her house with her door ¼ open. 20+ minutes later, my mum run from the lift and passed me the key. Without open the gate for my mum first, I open the "crazy" door and faster run into the bedroom n comfort my baby.

Hai...I will go crazy if keep on taking shock..hopefully there won't b another shock comes short *Peace, peace, peace*

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wHOisBaBy said...

wah ... i read also i got so kancheung. better fix the door soon so it will not happen again.