Thursday, August 03, 2006

Something good...

Since after get in touch with pregnancy mag. came across to know about AVENT baby's product from England which is a high quality product but a bit pricy. Avent is manufacturing baby feeding kit and breast feeding kit, can found it in major baby department. No one further elaborting to me on how good is this product. Until I used it and now I can tell u Avent is a good things...All thanks to my cousin sis-in-law who bought this 'Newborn Starter Set' as a present for baby Terry.

This Newborn Starter set is simply enough for a new born baby needs. It consists of 2x 4oz bottles with teats, 2x 9oz bottles with teats, 2 extra teats, 1 bottle brush and 1 pacifier. The flow from the teat is just nice for Terry and I hav no negative comment to tell. I tried using other brand of teat, he choked when he drinks and milk flow out of his mouth. Avent teat anti-vacuum skirt prevent air swallowing, reducing the risk of colic. Its wide neck bottle - easy to clean and fill. Cap seals teat for leakproof mixing and travel. Another good is you only need to replace the silicone teats as he grows, no need to change the whole bottle. (oopss..I just realised that I need to change his teats to 1m+/3m). Teats designed to help mother who combine breast and bottle feed with ease. When going out to shop I try to notice, exactly good thing means lots of ppl used. Many baby's parents also choose to use Avent products. I highly recommend to you in future if u wan to buy baby bottles, pls consider Avent, it is good. (Avent not pay me saying n introducing this)

Since preg, I have joined EnfaMama Club. On and off they posted me some preg info, free stuff n booklet. Aft born, they posted me 3 vouchers which I love it very much and I'm going to enjoy it before the due date. Due to my baby birth date is 1 month different with my brithday, thats why I have 3.

There are,
Marie France Bodyline - Post Natal Programme (FREE)
1x Fat Elimination Programme
1x Post Natal Calming Massage
1x Revitalising Massage
1x Soothing Mask Treatment
1x Recontouring Treatment

Marie France Bodyline (Birthday voucher)
- Pay RM188 get product & servise worth RM1000
1x Mineral Remodeling Treatment
1x Advance Body Lifting Treatment
1x Beautiful Hand Treatment
1x RM200 product voucher

Bella Skin Care (Birthday voucher - FREE)
Radiant White Facial (worth RM180)
1x Pampering Hand Treatment
Skin Analysis

On top of that, if enroll to their service they are giving more free things. Not thinking of signing up with that. 1) Expensive, 2) Not neccessary yet. So just enjoy all once since it is free. I will tell you later how is this free things work on me.

Karen recommend MalaysiaMums website to me this afternoon. Found there is a photo contest. No longer I wait I submitted one baby photo to the title "Cutest Baby of the Month". Photo winning is based on votes. So, dear friend pls cast Terry a vote here. Thank you :)

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