Monday, August 07, 2006

New development

Terry is growing fast day by day, he is going to reach 3 months old in 12 more days later. Now he knows how to stuff his four fingers into his mouth till the saliva wet outside of the lips...also he likes to raise up his hand and look at it. Sometime looking at him doing that action, it simply makes me happy too...I don't want to miss out every moment of his growth n change.

Fingers licking good..

Many hav been asking me why I'm not go out to work instead of stay at home looking aft baby, just waste of time since I'm still young and energetic. Main reason is Brandon not allowed me to work and my FIL instruction to take care of baby (this decision actually hav giv me a shock during confinement and some unhappy moment had happen as they dun even open up to discuss with me what my plan is aft having baby). So force to accept it, 1 thing the office do not need many manpower to run, they think might as well I concerntrate on the son growth. So wat else can I that time in my mind I still hope that I can go out to work and dun wan to be a typical housewife like now.

Aft many finding on the good n bad of work, at the end stay at home is still the better choice for now. Some may envy me that I no need to work aft having baby and husband must be good enough to afford it, while those working mum who so wan to be a fulltime mum but they can't put it down to earn more to survive for the family. I hav a thinking to earn more n save for future, thats my reason to work. But to tell the truth, single income family is a bit hard to gain extra saving.

If I back to work, I do not plan to work on those job which need to spend on OT hours, stressful and need to travel often, as now family hav come to priority. My background is IT and hav 2 years+ experience exec level, stressfully working on data analysis in a market research company and 1 year+ experience in running inventory (in my FIL warehouse). To go back to computer line I dun think so la...coz I dun wan stressful job anymore, I know I can't stand for it. So no computer, think still can go for Admin staff, supervisor or even kindergarden teacher. With these position in my mind, the salary now - how much I can ask for without an experience? plus a woman wit a child, employer will think further on how long can I stay, when will hav next born and for those small company, dun think they will like it if work for not long need to giv long maternity leaves (if 84 days is comfirm) and lack of manpower during my leaves..etc... Looks like chances of getting a job is not easy too.

Comes to the salary distribution, lets say average can get RM1,200 or a lil bit more. Half goes to baby-sitter, left half of the salary spend for household a bit, own used..etc..left not much/ no still cannot hav any sufficient saving. At the end of the day, just make myself more tiring to juggle between job n baby. Conclusion: why work as he afford me to stay at home?

Somehow that is good n bad lorr..but anyway I believe own care baby is better than let baby sitter or maid to take care. Full attention to ur child and his growing moment sure won't left out. Learn to b a housewife the experience somehow can't learn from book, also not a bad thing ya.. :}

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