Thursday, August 17, 2006

Home accident

Tuesday ago, baby Terry fall from the sarung while he going take his nap during lunch time. I was by his side swinging him and thought that after put him to sleep I can take my lunch. I watched him falling down to the floor. The sarung spring was crack at the top and the safety belt fail to pull back the sarung and it just fall down together. The minute I saw him on the floor I was totally shock and frighten. My whole body was like numb for second and my heart like jut out. Faster I bring him up to my arm and of coz he cry so loud and being frighten too....I was so scared at the moment and I cry too....He fall from like 65cm height.

I was too careless that not take my cousin sis word in mind to put a small bed underneath the sarung n now accident happen. My heart was so pain and I almost no appetite to eat. I keep on watching him and check him after fall and make sure that he is not vomit, swollen or having any unusual reaction and I also worried that whether it knock his bone or brain at the back. After having some advise from the paed nurse if in the next 24 hours no bad sign like vomitting or non-stop crying than the baby should b fine. So, till today think baby Terry should b ok, he still eat and sleep like normal, no bad sign. Till now the falling moment still play in my mind when I put him in the sarung.

So spring broken cannot swing. That night we went to bought a new pair at Carrefour. Previously is single spring, now double one in pair. Thought wat, the quality is worst than the broken one. OMG! wat the hell nowdays the quality of product is so paliah! and guess what this new pair of spring only cost RM3.90! it is out of my expectation 'wah, so cheap one ahh, must b no good thing'...there is only the proper spring for sarung used, no other better choice. Anyway for the time being I bought it also. Brandon suggested should buy those spring used in gym for pulling one. Aft replace the broken one I dare not to swing him even it is double now and things are too fragile now, the iron steel looks soft the the top and rear holder is tiny too. I'm too worried.

The next day my mum brought over the old spring which she kept for 30 yrs. Old thing means old thing looks tuff and long lasting. This old single spring is equivalent to the double spring which is more thick and the iron steel is using the old one with 2 safety string tied from the top and put a small bed under it. The safety belt used previously dun wan now. Dare not to swing hard now, and I only let him sleep in daytime. Night time try to swing him in bouncing net to put him sleep and not depend too much on sarung now.

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