Monday, August 07, 2006

Hav attended the Post Natal Programme at Marie France Bodyline. Went to KLCC 4th floor in the evening. Marie France known to b top expensive among other slimming centre. Though that is expensive expecting their service should b good. Overall, from front desk to the service is acceptable n professional.

What they did on me? On my turn, a consultant there giv me a brief explaination on my post natal programme (listed many treatment, but all did at once, I thought is different treatment done one by one) and some information about their latest product and package. Aft she found out that I'm not interested to sign up, she might as well like save her energy, not even keen to further explain, pursuade and do more recommendation (u see, this is just so realistic) she directly ask her massage gal to start the treatment.

Went in to the small partition room fitted with a massage bed and a cabinet there. Ask to change in kimono. The whole process goes like this: 3 mins welcome neck massage with essential oil to relax, 15 mins massage and tap tap on tummy area with their slimming essential oil and cream. Rub soothing gel on my upper arm, tummy and thigh. Change room later, went to do the machine. Those part with soothing gel is now wrap wit their hot blanket part by part and steam there for another 15 mins. Thats the end of the programme. Fast and simple.

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