Friday, August 25, 2006


In this week, have received 2 newborn news. One from my elder cousin sis Sharon Chow on 20/8 and another one this morning from my bestmate Bee Moon. Congratulation to sis Sharon and Bee Moon on your new arrival. Very happy to hav new born around. Just love to see these baby soon. But, my sis one don't think so soon, she based in UK, and one after few years they will back, normally they back for occasions.

Pic shown my sis with her new born baby boy-Joel and her eldest son, Jeremy. Met him twice only, others time only watch the VCD in my uncle's house, which air-mailed back from his dad. Now he so big+handsome boy. Time flies. By now, Chow-Leong (my dad and mum, both side) and extended family, included Terry boy, we already got 6 doggie year babies. ho-ho...

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