Monday, July 08, 2013

Sports Day

6/7/2013 - Saturday ago, Terry was having his first school sports day in his life. Being in the small scale school (as of current) the sport day is a simple one too..

The actual Sports Day supposed to be held on 29/6, due to bad haze it has been postponed to a week later. Students were to gather at school at 7:30am and parents can join at 8:30am. Since parents can go, I went to school together with the boy as early as 7:30am. Parking space is very limited so better be early.

With his classmate

With Mei Xuan and Rachel (far right) - good friend since Taska years

Parents get to sit under 2 big tent. The Sports Day starts on time. The program flow roughly goes like this,

- PIBG president opening speech
- All house team marching in
- Sportsmen representative to read manifesto 
- All students sing song - National Anthem, School song and Sport day song
- Presentation - School band, Taekwon-do
- All students and parents exercise together

Marching in

I really can't spot where is mine while marching, I just snap a few and find him was here....

Parents students exercise together, many busy snapping instead of exercise, haha.

Sport games having are like 50m run, 100m-200m relay run and some other games across all house teams and standard. Terry was no been chosen to participate in any game, so basically after the opening was his leisure time and being cheering supporter, he play and running around with others within the house tent area. They been giving bun and milo packet drink too...
For those student not participating in any game, they started to leave with their parents not long after the games start. I was staying till 11.30am, when this was suppose to be the ending time, I left before the sport day officially end.

Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Remedy for Short Sight, Long Sight & Astigmatism

I was just share about my boy short sight last week and this morning I came across this article in my Facebook and I can't wait to share it here. This is a remedy that believe can reduce the eye sight power, well no harm trying.



龍眼肉 + 龍眼核(即帶核的龍眼)、枸杞






English Translation:

Myopia, Hyperopia, Astigmatism Remedies

Good recipe provided by a Chinese medicine practitioners, he said he had a nephew once 1000 degrees of myopia, he would ask him to cook this recipe, drink everyday, 8 months later the nephew's myopia fell to only 200 degrees.

Longan meat (seedless) + longan with seed, wolfberry

Cooking method: 
Mix the 3 ingredients in adequate amount, boiled into a tea, longan seed does not have to break.

Drinking like usual tea, drink for at least 2 months. (If you feel it does not work on you, you can stop drinking, if you feel the goodness but not satisfied with the result, you can still continue to drink. ) 

For the lens of the eye that is not normal, like problems including myopia, hyperopia, astigmatism, and so on. 

Be sure to use a longan with SEED; only use with longan flesh, the effectiveness is half. 

Drink after meal, works best.
( The eye is at the head area, drink it after meal, the benefit of the drink will play its best more in the head, that's the purpose of this remedy. )

To read more can refer here.

Tuesday, June 18, 2013

How to Repair A Zip

I did repaired a few times of my jacket and clothes zip in my own way and so far all successfully fixed. As for how it needs to be done in the correct way, I really don't know about it and I don't really know why a zip can be separated like this -
Tonight this one is challenging me, I can't fix the school bag side pocket zip. I tried a few time to squeeze and pull to join up the chain back into the track, but fail to do it.

How? Immediately get my phone and hop on to ask Uncle Google "how to fix a broken zip" and I watch how to repair in this Youtube.

I followed how it shows and done in the video

All you need is a plier, then put pressure to both size of the slider. Then try to pull it, if the zip chain still cannot get together, tighten the slider again till you can get it fix. is actually so easy to fixed and it works!
UPDATE: The next day, the zip spoil again and I repaired it in the same way. I think too many time of pressure given to the slider, it is now broken. The slider and pull tab comes off now. 

Monday, June 17, 2013

Father's Day

Yesterday was Father's Day, I didn't get to see my dad as we got our own agenda and event, here wishing him* a very Happy Father's Day and may you have good health and happy always. *(There will be a separate post all about my daddy, hope can share soon)

He was at the branch church having choir performance and me back at my own one. This beautiful Sunday, over at my church here, the Sunday School kids having a small performance to all daddy.
< 我有一個好爸爸 > (I have a Great Dad)

我有一個好爸爸 寬寬肩膀厚手掌
為我辛苦為我忙 給我做人好榜樣

我有一個好爸爸 寬寬肩膀厚手掌
好像一個避風港 在你懷裡無風浪

爸爸我愛您 不知如何報答您
獻上我的禱告心 願天父看顧您
天父看顧您 願天父看顧您

Following by that, we also have April to June Birthday celebration.
Terry just love birthday and whosever birthday is it, he got so excited and love to blow candles.

Comes to afternoon time, we celebrated it with my in-law at Noble House. There were 3 dads among us. We having set lunch and together also celebrate SIL#1 actual birthday.

Terry been taught to draw 2 Father's Day card, the blue one did at church, the green one he make it at daycare. 1 for his daddy and the other one for paternal side gong-gong. Suppose there is another one did at school but pass up already and this should be for maternal side grandpa, hope he gets to bring back and send it to him soon. Here I wishing all great and awesome dad out there,

~ 父亲节快乐!~

Saturday, June 15, 2013

My specky boy

Few months ago, the school given us a notice asking us to attend an eye check-up event at the nearby mall. So, we went and it was actually an introduction of eye exercise machine which been told that can effective correct eye sight problem like short/ long sightness, astigmatism, lazy eye and squint eye...
Before your eye been treated using the machine, they did a simple eye test and check and let you know their eye-sight power, to my surprise almost all kids attending here also having short sight.

After that, the kids took turn to test use the eye machine. The machine is basically help ur eye to relax and loose the eye muscle. When they look into the machine there is a small yellow light moving around and all they need to do is put your eye follow the light goes around for 10 minutes. After 10 min, they check their eye vision again, now they can see those character clearer for those can't read before use. It was recommended to use the machine twice a day 10 min each time. The machine selling at RM1800+ (not cheap ohh....)

In the end of it, no, I'm not been persuaded to get it after some research and finding..the only I know at that time is Terry is having short sight for sure and roughly the power is 150. This also been proved when he told me he can't copy his 家课 on white board (his seating the 4th place at first row)..

Sigh...who want their young kid to wear a spec at young age, I also know that short sight also can be carry in the gene, as both of us having high eye sight power and also start blaming on the tv, computer and ipad..I was a bit reluctant to get a glasses at that moment and I heard that pin-hole spec (training spec wear 3 min daily) can slightly help to see better, so I got him a pair as temporary and he says can see clearly using that. So he brings it to school and use it when he can't see.
Got it from Daiso RM5
So far so good and this couldn't be in long term use. So his eye problem been drag till a week ago before the mid term school holiday ends. I bought him to optical shop outside to do a free eye-check using machine and the reading result -
Left 200, Right 250. CYL is astigmia reading.

It was kind a high eye-sight power! Following of it, I brought him to International Specialist Eye Center (ISEC) at Mid Valley for a professional check up by eye doctor, so that I can get a more confirm eye power and also a complete retina check. The day we went was a Saturday, lots of young to old patients and no surprise to see many kids are on glasses at a very young age.

Eye check by Dr. Choong Yee Fong

Glasses prescribed by Optometrist Ms. Anne Tang

So far, his eye got no other problem, only having short sight. Glasses reading like this -

The eye check cost RM150. ISEC do not provide custom make glasses service, so we got to make it outside at an optical shop nearby. I choose a soft frame for him as it is more flexible and light weighted. It also long lasting as if they accidentally press or sit on it, it won't easily break off. Since he is a clumsy boy I really afraid of he is not taking good care of it. Here is it, few days later the spectacle is ready. The glasses cost RM250.

Terry is finally on glasses at the age of 7 years, 3 weeks, 3 days old . I'm trying to ask him wear it whenever watching tv, reading and play ipad. Hopefully with frequent use of glasses will slow down the power shoot up.

Friday, June 07, 2013

Movie Screening - Sofia the First: Once Upon a Princess

It was our pleasure to get invited by IN.Deed Communications to join the "royal" Disney movie premiering entitle Sofia the First: Once Upon a Princess on 11th May 2013

*psss....very sorry for the late update here

Eventhough this is a Princesses movie, I might afraid Terry not fancy it, to my surprise he was very ok with it and he is very looking forward to this girl, girl movie in cinema as he knows he can be the very first batch audience to watch it.

We went to the cinema very early and we take time to snap a few together with Mummy Moon's kiddo.

The kids received their goodie bag and later enjoy the movie at this comfy Signature Cinema Hall with popcorn and drinks.

Sofia the First: Once Upon A Princess is a series story about an ordinary girl turn to a Princess when her mum married to a King. The story was all about her life and living after she become Princess Sofia, how she lives in the royal kingdom together with her step-brother, sister and King daddy. Throughout the story, it also brings out the value of respect, courtesy, tolerance and good manner. Overall it is a good movie and mine can't wait for the upcoming new series.

As many of you who have watch it, Sofia the First: Once Upon A Princess," is an enchanting, music-filled animated Disney Junior television movie for the whole family, it already on-air showing on SUNDAY, MAY 19 at 11.00am on Disney Channel (ASTRO Channel 615) and following by MONDAY, MAY 27 at 1.00pm on Disney Junior (ASTRO Channel 613).
If you have miss the above screening hour, don't worry, the "Sofia the First" television series will premiere in coming July 2013. If your kids can't get enough of the movie series, you can direct him to check Sofia the First activities here.

Tuesday, November 27, 2012

My heartwarming story for "Kleenex Share the Softness Contest Giveaway"

This post is an entry to join "Kleenex Share the Softness Contest Giveaway" organise at Mummy Moon's blog.

My most heartwarming moment was first ever watching my lovely son perform on stage. It was during his school concert day on 24th October 2010, he was 4 years old back then and it was also his first ever concert. The moment when he appeared on stage, once the dance music started to play and dance began, I cried. My happy tears rolling down my cheeks. Oh boy, he is such an angel and he did it very well. I was truly touch and happy to see him dancing in front of many. You may watch the dance video here.. Terry was born to be shy, passive and soft spoken. He won't be easily express his feeling and at times he is quite emotion. It is very hard to get him to do something extraordinary and outstanding. That is why I found he was brave during the concert to show me that he can do it and also a little breakthrough for himself. After attended school he slowly become more open up now, cheerful and a friendly boy. Every of his growing path is actually very heartwarming, seeing them success in life is the most blessed gift.