Wednesday, November 25, 2015

#FMSPhotoADay: Week 48 / Nov 25: Stop

Rise and shine, is another working day morning. Spot the Red light at this junction. Since young I always taught mine when see traffic light, Red means STOP.


Monday, November 23, 2015

#FMSPhotoADay: Week 48 / Nov 23: Cut

Finger nail cutting

This pair of small hand finger nail has never been treated by others since born and I have been using the same pair of small scissor trimming it weekly since 9.5 years ago.


Saturday, November 21, 2015

17th World of Chinese Book Fair

This book fair held from 20/11-29/11/2015, free entrance at MINES 2, next to Mines shopping mall. I almost went over to MIECC as usual book fair were always there. You can park at Mines shopping mall and walk to Mines 2 using the link bridge near Mc.D. I went there today to check out books, school bags and stationery.
The crowd are quite less and majority book stalls participate are local one, they help to promote local book author's books, oversea Chinese books is very less.

Half of the hall are selling kid's books, stationery and other Chinese culture stuff. All comes with 10-20% discount. There are 5 booth selling school bag, went to check all and finally got this -
Bought the ZigZag (left) school bag, this is a brand from Univer, a normal padded bag, no back support function. He also try on brand Ababee (right) from Taiwan, design is quite similar to unMe, with back support and price much cheaper. Overall, this is a small scale of book fair, parents you can easily find your kid new schooling year's stuff here instead of hopping to different places to get books, bag, uniform, shoe and stationery.

Friday, November 20, 2015

#FMSPhotoADay: Week 48

2015 school term end, long year end holiday begin.
1st blessed thing is mummy can have a good 6 weeks morning no need to wake at dark.
2nd - mummy hope to goes somewhere to relax with the whole family..but with works and new biz still a bit tight up, I'm not plan for any yet.
3rd - play date with kids
....and etc....

Upcoming 23/11-29/11 wanted photos....stay tune!

Thursday, November 19, 2015

Photo-A-Day Challenge by Fat Mum Slim

An Apple A day, keeps doctor away;
A Photo A day, keeps blog alive!  woo... hoo..

I think this will be one of the good idea to help blogger like me to keep here alive... lol. I came across this photo challenge thingy from Fat Mum Slim sometimes back at facebook and I did uploaded them to show my support. But..but.. kind of forgotten her until I suddenly think of I can actually do this to keep myself up on blogging.

Lets see if the lazy bug didn't crawl in, what I will be doing. So, lets wait for next week new challenge list from Fat Mum Slim

Tuesday, November 17, 2015

RapidKL Train New Route

My living area is surrounded by LRT, since I can drive, I rarely used public transport and not to say for my boy, he not ever broad on any train or public bus in Malaysia. His virgin train and bus riding experience was all happen at oversea. Since the new route for Ampang line has starts operate recently, so it is a great time now to bring him to experience the homeland one.
This new route need to broad from Sri Petaling station, it will be heading towards Puchong area. The new additional 4 stations name are Awan Besar, Muhibbah, Alam Sutera and Kinrara BK5. It starts trial since 31/10/2015 and passenger can enjoy free ride for 1 month during this trial time. Since the new route open up, every time we passed by the train way above us, mine sure ask to go for a ride. So, why not since it is new and free, we finally make it on last weekend. He was jolly happy and very enjoy the scenery along the ride. His only comment was the train is a bit slow...haha, blame it on those he rides before was in speed one.

We broad our ride at Kinrara BK5 station, this station provides car parking space, where passengers are actually quite convenient to park here and take train ride down town. The free ride only applicable for new route, so we go to and fro the same route. Since it was a weekend, many parents actually bring the kiddo to try out the new train.
First we got to collect token from counter, then at the entrance touch with the token at the panel. I barely can't recall when was my last broad on LRT, back then it was Star LRT, used card system and now its with rapidKL. We have sometime to enjoy the scenery at the platform before train arrive, time waiting for the train reach is about 5-10 min. This train only servicing the first 4 new stations, after Sri Petaling station, the rest is about to ready sometimes later and it will ends at Putra Heights.
Terry enjoy very much the scenery along the way, the route also familiar to him as he recognized those buildings he saw when on the road, and now on train the view is higher and wider. To and fro time frame is about 30 mins.

Upon exit the station, just put back the token at the slot and the exit gate will open.

We also check out the self-ticketing machine. It is much better now with more function, you can reload your train card and also the machine accept notes, coins and even credit card. It was raining bucket the time we ended our ride, not to worry, the parking lot are equipped with roof walking path.

Sunday, November 08, 2015

Shell Lego Fever

My first ever post in 2015! Welcome me back towards the year end. Suddenly miss my dear blog for so long never been update anything. Yes, I have been away for 11 months long..this year has been very tight up with new post at work and many things to learn, I almost feel losing myself *hopefully I won't reach that level*             
So, lets come back to share my story of the day.

Beginning of the month, Shell petrol station came up with a series of Shell V-Power lego set up for collection. I'm very excited over the collection when first heard it over the radio ad, this is the 2nd hit of it, since the first series they have back in 2012. For brick toy, I'm prefer Lego more than Nano Block.

Shell is very nice this year, in conjunction with the launch of lego set, they are having Shell V-Power Lego collection road show from 5/11-8/11 at Sunway Pyramid. I told myself I must make it for this event. So, we went today, my boy the Lego lover of cause when crazy over the Lego model. This place was like a mini Legoland for Shell, we manage to stayed here for 2.5 hours.
The event showcase of 4 car models, full set of the collection and 2 minifigure. Lots of kids joining here, building their own Lego creation, snapping photos, photo with #readysetbuild upload to social media can redeem pop-corn and having fun win prizes over the Q&A section.

We not back empty-handed, we managed to win a race map and box of tissue during the Q&A.
With this race map, we will be exactly complete the set once we collect all back. Looks like the coming up 5 more Sunday pump petrol and collecting Shell Lego is in our the to-do-list.