Thursday, October 15, 2009

Kindergarten Hunt

Terry will starts his schooling days in year 2010. How times fly, this big baby of mine just growing up too fast and going to step into schooling age.

During the 2 weeks after Raya holiday, I was busy checking out for kindy in my living area and also have been puzzling what kind of kindy should I send Terry to. At the same time also busy asking around some pre-schooler's mummies on opinion and suggestion. Luckily my mum was working in 3 kindergarten before, at least she gave me some idea about kindergarten, teachers and students. So, from there roughly I know what should I look into, but not so into details on academic, cause she is not a teacher.

Roughly I have visited and enquired on 5-6 kindergarten including the famous one like Beaconhouse, Fungates and Q-Dees. I went checking out on what is the study system for an age 4 kids, the facilities and the environment of the school. So far, my measurement for a kindy I want are basically like these,

- Have a systematic learning method or programme
(Montessori method or own school learning program and see what they focus on)

- Less writing work for an age 4
(I don't expect him to do well in academic yet for the first year and mainly want him to have fun while learning and with minimum writing involve. First year of school is let him gets well with the schooling environment and mixing with people, which is not pushing him to read and write well. He got more to handle down in 15-20 years coming. In some school, I know there are many writing work to do and also homework to bring back. Think about this, if the kid cannot hold the pencil well yet, who going to do the homework, is us parent. I asked this question to one of the kindy principal and she speechless. I understand we are kiasu now to make sure our kid can do well in all areas, but I know pushing a kid goes beyond our expectation is not the right way to develop them. So I can say I'm pretty relax in first year schooling. As long as all area goes a balance way. Of cause the learning and study cannot fully depends on school and teachers, we need to do our part too.)

- Good interaction between teachers, students and parents
(Whereby we follow closely what is our child progress in school, not twice or thrice a year during report card day, but as frequent as possible for teacher and parent's talk)

- Shoe take off in the school
(For the purpose of cleaniness, kids wearing shoe into the class will directly bringing in lots of germs. They sit and play on the floor, touching here and there then they may put their hands into the mouth or eat with hands and etc..thus they may get sick easily)

- Airy environment
(Not fully air-con environment and good ventilation. Poor air circulation in a confined area also can makes one sick easily)

- Small scale school
(Teachers and students know everyone well and can mix with different age friends. Unlike big school, seldom got chance mix everyone together)

After bringing back some brocherus, discuss with some mommies and asking hubby which he preferred (he asked me to decide), finally I enrolled him into a Montessori school. This taska was recommended by my ex-colleague and later known from my church sister, whom her son also study there. With their opinion and heard some good recommendation, it actually support my decision to registered Terry in. Most important, this taska met 80% of what I want.

- It is a school focus on Montessori teaching and development of a child from the base and basic. As they proceed their learning will be on track with primary standard too, with still using the Montessori tools but in more an advance one later. I strongly believe the develop them from foundation on all area is very important. Although some may think that those Montessori method are extra thing, but what I see the foundation of shaping them and teaching them step by step is the right way. Another thing I like about it is the time table is very friendly enough. Knowing that Monday is the boring day of the week start, the class activity of the day comes more a relax one and not focus on the book. Everyday there will be reading program on sets English storybook.

- Writing work only at school with all guidance by teacher. From basic to diffcult, learning on English, Mandrin and Counting just like regular kindy too. Homework only comes on Friday. I'm still pretty fine with this. Even they not give any, I will also buy some books for him to write or colour on free time.

- Parents will get a weekly progress report and giving back us what they have done (worksheet, art work and etc). Report on what they have learn and what is their weakness area. If any of that mention and need attention, we parent can take immediate action to follow up and strengthen them.

- No shoe are allow inside the school, which I think is the best and clean.

- Many windows in the classroom with fan and air-con. AC turn on in the mid morning or when the weather is hot. The school is quite well maintained and clean, although the building outside and the playground equipment looks a bit old.

- The school building is a double story house. It is pretty small enough with the right amount of students in each class. Each class have an average 20-22 students with teachers and sufficient helpers.

As I slowly find out kindy years school fee and make comparison with other, it doesn't comes cheap at all. Anyway, I strike to give a balance one to Terry. The one I took is RM290/ month and the yearly school fee after sum up all others is around RM4350. Another thing I like about this school is no uniform needed, which I seldom see in other kindy.

It is 2 months aways before his school starts. I should slowly start to prepare him and brain wash him about going to school. He actually got the idea already, know what is teacher and school about. When asking him about it sometime he says want, sometime don't want, depends on his mood, but not sure on the actual day how he does. I got to prepare to change my SAHM schedule, prepare to teach him more things as possible before school starts like buy some pre-schooler books and practise go to bed earlier.

Can't wait for his schooling days to start, in fact I think I will get myself stress up on the night before of worrying this and that. But somehow he has grown up now and need to learn to be independant. What an exciting year to look forward!



I am on a hunt too! Went to 2 fungates outlets but one not impressive and one too far. Where is yours? Mine was in Cheras.

LittleLamb said...

between the 3, I will go for Beaconhouse! This is what I told Aunty Beemoon also..ehhehehe

Beaconhouse is very strong in English and creativity. They will not limit the education to the books. If they see ur child can learn beyond the books, they will continue to teach. and they hv science, etc..very good

and I'm sure Beaconhouse is the most expensive from the 3. but they r ofGOOD standard.

Angeline said...

My boys were beside me when I was reading this, and they exclaimed: "Wow! Double Decker school ah??!! I like!"

mommy to chumsy said...

good to hear you have finally found a kindy. is it in my area?

Baby Darren said...

Gosh..i am not as hardworking as you. Due to my pregnancy, i really have no energy to hunt one by one.

Don't worry, I'm sure Terry will adjust well when he goes to school. You will have more time for urself too...

Mummy Gwen said...

I saw this Beaconhouse banner advertise along the road at my area. Wanted to give them a ring. I have read about it on the internet. Sounds very professional wor.

May I know where is this place? I'm hoping it's near my house.

Mummy Gwen said...

Haha..Judy..I went to the website and found out they have one really near my house like a block away only..LOL. Will go there and take a look once Hubby come back from SG.

slavemom said...

Wah, u vy rajin lah. Survey so many schls n u're vy thorough. Lucky u found one that meets most of ur requirements. Hope Terry will adapt well to his kindy next yr. I'm oso vy worried abt mine coz he's so 'sticky' to me.

Serene said...

Oh.. Terry going school soon. He must be very excited!

Cynthia said...

I am sure Terry will be able to enjoy her school days, after mummy spend so much time to 'X-ray' the school one by one..

MommyAngel said...

Time really flies .... soon Terry will be going to school and he is so lucky to have a mommy that really do so much 'homework' before hand. It sounds like a great kindergarten for Terry in your blog and the outlook is so impressive too (last time my kindergarten looks very dull and no interesting colour at all :P). Terry is one lucky boy and I am sure he will love his new school!

Sasha said...

*salute* I like the way u hunt for kindy like hunting for university! I am sure he is going to enjoy sch and I bet u will enjoy the 2 hours plus being at home doing yr own thing. :)

Bryan and Brandon's Mama said...

So which school are your referring to? Is it Beaconhouse? I'm signing Bryan up next year too although he keeps saying "I don't want to go to school". Sei moh??

Lemonjude said...

Family First: Hope you get one soon. Fungates the nearest to me is at Kuchai Lama. Same too, they don't seems impressed me, due to the location, building, the program and the classroom.

LittleLamb: Ya, BeaconHouse is quite a good one that wide coverage of a child needs and also an International based studies. I don't think it is suitable for Terry since I will be preparing him to Chinese sch. Another one is they too commercialised thats why they don't comes to my first choice.

Angeline: haha, that 2 school buildings are quite an attractive one. I like it too.

mommy to chumsy: Nope, it is at Sri Petaling.

Baby Darren: You no need to go round to many since you preg. Every school got it pros and cons. You can try ask around your neighbor where they normally send their kid and get some suggestion from them. It will be easier for you no need to visit so many. Actually is quite wasting time one.

Mummy Gwen: BeaconHouse is high standard school and it is an International one. It don't suit my boy for a few reasons la. They are having more branch school now and the one in Bandar Puteri Puchong, they actually bought over Eduland kindy.

slavemom: First time getting a kindy must do some homework to find out as I got certain things I want...hehe..hope CE change can his mind very soon to accept that he needs to go school. Anyway, you better start to brain wash him.

Serene: His excitement is more on he knows school got playground. I hope he is the same excited when he goes study.

Cynthia: He actually also helping me to choose this school for him. Cause while enquiry, I put him outside the office and he enjoys playing the Montessori tools with the teachers. Unlike others, he wants to go outside to the playground.

MommyAngel: No, we are not going to the school show in the pic. The one we going is a dull looking one. I hope he likes the school and the teachers too.

Sasha: haha, yes it is so stress to digest those enquiry things. Last time, I find my own college also not use that long time to think and survey.

Bryan and Brandon's Mama: No, we are not going to the sch shows in the pic. I went to that 2 for enquiry and visit only. The one I registered him is another one. I hope by the time sch start Terry won't say he don't want to go.

Health Freak Mommy said...

You are really diligent in hunting for the best kindy for Terry. Me? I just choose the kindy that's the nearest to our home!

little prince's mummy said...

Nice review!~

Eva's said...

Time flies Terry big boy already. Don't rush choose the one you feel comfortable wif. Take care!

Rachel L said...

Hi Lemonjude,
I came across ur website and read abt ur hunt for kindy.. I am hunting for a good kindy and it seems like we are sharing the same concerns and preferences. May I know which kindy are you referring to? Can I have the kindy name and contact number, if possible address too?? Hope to hear from you soon. Thank you.

Sharifah Natasha said...

Hi there,

wow, ur such a superb person and spend time just to get a proper kindy for your child. bravo!

Not everyone can do this and they just think about.."hey, this kindy is just near to our house..we just send them la. easy for the child to go and come back and etc"

I am so proud of you. seriously. Thumbs up to you and your family. Really take care and look at the detail of the kindergarten.

i am student from early childhood at MSU Shah Alam and what i can say is, you are such terrific person.

as what I have learn and observe around me, this is the way for the parents to choose their right kindy for their chilren.

Montessori is the best for children and famous because they are more stimulating the sensors and explain with the concrete reason which the child can see clearly and can understand well. I am not saying that other approaches of kindy is not good, they are good. For example..montessori is suitable for 5 years and above if we look at the malaysian curriculum and the syllabus school. and after that, they can go for any kindy which can prepare them to go to primary school but the curriculum must be up to date the national curriculum..kspk and others which most of the kindy did not upgrade their syllabus according what the primary school acquire.

i wish you luck and love to hear more and more from you. ;)


elcayhoh ('el-kuai') said...

hi, i'm looking for kindy in Sri Petaling / Kuchai Lama area now. Do u mind to update me about this kindy that u sent Terry to? I am new to these areas so I need more feedbacks and updates. Thx

Peet said...

Not to bring down Beaconhouse but their extra cocu is the worst! I admit for private school english is good but they are not developing a well rounded student. Two of my nephews went to beaconhouse and they both not doing well academic or extra cocu. What is so special between this school and public school then?

Priscilla said...

Hello Lemonjude, i am going to send my girl to school next year 5 years. May i know where ur boy Terry kinddy is? i am in Puchong, do they have a brunch here? please Email to me: the name please, thanks

MJ Tan said...

Hi, may I know which school u send for terry? My email

kiayee said...

Hi, may I know which Taska at Sri petaling that you sent your boy to? My email


Esperanza Marilyn said...

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Jarvis Ong said...

Hi, I'm looking for a Montessori kindy for my girl also. May I know which kindy at Sri Petaling that you are referring to?

What is the kindy name from the second picture? Sorry the picture is too small, can't see it clearly :p

Do you mind to email me the details at

Thank you so much! :)

San San

kum see said...

I'm looking for a kindergarten in kucha lama , can u plz help me to recommend a good kindy ?
Thks so much