Wednesday, October 14, 2009


My boring blog is started to flood with paid posts if I'm still not updating it. So since yesterday my blog goes on diarrhea. Sorry for making you read a lot today, there are few more coming. I admit that in recent months the LAZY bugs did bitten me badly. Few days ago was my own domain ( 2nd Anniversary. I was having a personal blog there too actually, but I believe it is almost abandon now. When the webhost reminded me for renewal, I was thinking whether still want to keep it. Well, I tell myself, since I've started and I will give myself sometime to continue it. I don't want to waste my effort to let go that easy just because of lazy =P

OK, back to this back-dated (3/10) post topic.
Few days ago before the actual Mid-Autumn day, I was actually having a bad dream. I dreamt of Terry holding on a stick with a glass paper lantern and got his face badly burnt. So scary, I jumped up from my sleep, immediately open my eye and wipe cool sweat. Luckily it was just a dream. I was actually planned to buy a lantern for him if saw any. Since after I've that bad dream, I don’t want to buy anymore.

As usual, Mid-Autumn means family gathering. At night, back to FIL’s house to have dinner. After the dinner, SIL#1 invited us down to the condo’s pool side to play lantern. She bought a few Japanese paper lanterns. This year was Terry first time seeing a lantern. He knows it was something can play and he got no mood to finish his dinner before we get down. When we were down at poolside, he was full of thrill and can’t wait to play with it. When he saw the candle lit up, he said 'Happy Birthday' and wanted to blow off. LOL!

After SIL light up the lantern for him, they walked round and round the pool side for many times. Others we stayed at a round table and yak mooncake, tea and some fruits. I'm very full as we just after dinner and durians at home.

At first Terry was skeptical to hold the lantern's stick. When I slowly let go my hand and make sure he won't drop it then I let him hold by his own. He was happily giggles when holding it on his own.

When we almost wanted to end the session, we saw the moon appearing. It was not big and bright enough as there were thick clouds covering it. We headed home at 11pm+. That’s how my Mooncake day past.

Playing lantern...candles...makes me think back of my childhood days too. As an adult, I don’t seem enjoy playing it that much like how I used to play during those days. It was so much of fun playing with neighbor friends and cousins holding the lantern walk down the street and light up candles round the gate. I even enjoyed playing it alone for many days before and after the actual day. As for now, I try to not miss the fun playing with my young ones.

Back in a week before the actual day, we have mooncake celebration night at church too. We got game, children coloring contest, presentation by Sunday school’s children, sermon and some foods in the end of the night.

The game is to guess the answer from the clue given hanging under the paper lantern, up high from the ceiling. I’m not getting all correct, very poor in this kind of guessing game. Only able to get less than 8 out of 15 with some by help.


little prince's mummy said...

Nice celebration

Mummy Gwen said...

Haha...Terry is so cute wanted to blow out the candle. When I was young..I enjoyed playing lanterns with my siblings too. At least Terry get to hold the lantern. :)

MeRy said...

Nice celebration....Terry looks so happy playing with lanterns.

vickylow said...

Vey nice celebration wor. Guessing word games is fun.

Serene said...

Terry has fun playing lantern! I not good in those guessing games too =( So mind to share what is the answer?

Lemonjude said...

It was really a good first time for him to play with lanterns. He loves playing it and happy with the light up lanterns.

Serene: The answer for first one is 分, and next one is 年龄.