Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Karaoke on FIL Birthday

Backdated @ 22/9/09

FIL's birthday fall on the Raya Holiday. We took this opportunity to have family gathering as well. SIL#1 booked a karaoke room at Neway Times Square for celebration. It was our first time brought Terry to sing and also with ILs. I really worried that the boy was not comfortable with the environment plus we went at his nap hour. Anyway I still go ahead and just leave if he not ok with it.

The last I went to sing K was way back in year 2005. Haha, I also afraid if I'm still can sing, true enough when try to choose songs, many of the songs I used to like I have forgotten the song's name. Not to say those latest one, familiar with the lyrics and singer, but I got no idea what is the name of the song. Everyone was singing except hubby, he shy to sing among family members.

Each head entry is entitled for 2 drinks or 1 snack 1 drink. We ordered some food, snack and drinks to yak while singing. For Terry, he was not counted in the head count, but charged belongs to peanut/snack fee, so he got free drinks too. The boy was having all fun time eating snack and drinking juice. We selected some children songs by Twins like Old McDonald, London Bridge, ABC, If You Are Happy, Ten Little Indian Boys, Mary Had A Little Lamb and etc.

Everybody sang together for him too when the songs played, but he refused to sing holding the mic. He only clap his hands and asking for some songs again and again. He found the microphone is something new to him. He kept playing the power button switch when other was singing. He had forgotten his tiredness and last till the karaoke section end.

Before we leave Neway, SIL brought a Baskin Robin ice-cream cake for FIL and we sang him a birthday song. We were so full after the cake and snack before, but FIL still wants to go for dinner.

FIL brought us for steamboat dinner at Hakka Restaurant. On the way to the restaurant the boy knock off immediately for 10 mins cat nap. Thank goodness he was not making fuss and cranky when I wakes him up. He managed to eat a little and all he wants is juices only then go tour round the restaurant with SIL while all of us still eating. After the dinner about 8pm, he dozed off immediately too and he not wake till back home. He was extremely tired and flat by then. I woke him up for milk at 11pm, then brush up and he continue to sleep again till next morning.


Debbie Y said...

Terry has growing well... I like his way of sight.

Mummy Gwen said...

That a great celebration. Happy Belated Birthday To Your FIL! Terry is getting more handsome. :)

slavemom said...

Terry behaved vy well at the karaoke. Good that he doesn't like the mic. Mine was shouting into it. *pengsan*