Saturday, October 03, 2009

Green Helps

Although the calling for saving mother earth is very encouraging now, but it still not comes to my concern of stop using plastic bags or take away food with own containers. It is because the convenient is still there whenever we pack outside food or shopping.

Last year, there were news saying the disposable food containers or CFC food box will be stop using and we were asked to get ourselve prepared with own container and bags when need to pack food or shop. But, I don't think this calling is a successful one and supported by many. The usage of disposable-ware are still remain everywhere and people are still keep disposing it. I think in Penang, there are stores practising on NO plastic bags day. Am I right?

Why I'm writing this is because lately during one of the shopping trip hubby makes in Village Grocer, he got charged of RM0.10 for storing his purchased item into their plastic bags. He came back and complain it and said from now on he will prepared his own reusable shopping bags.

I strongly support his move and I also started to do so. If those days I got less carriage when going out, I will bring my own food tiers container to take away food and always get ready some reusable shopping bag in car. But, I always have this doubt when carrying own bags to shopping. Some stores are not allow to bring big bags in, so how are we going to use our own reusable bag in this case to support NO-PLASTIC-BAGS?

Anyway, just want to know, so far have you start practising the act?


Mummy to QiQi said...

i like collecting those bags too, but so sayang to use them to store things from wet market. another good method to store meat/chicken from market is to bring my own tupperware (those big ice-cream container). easier to manage during wash when reach home.

Debbie Y said... lor. I'm still collecting plastic bag for rubbish bin. hahaha.....

Mummy Gwen said...

You are good lah Judy. I still use plastic bags. *hide face*