Thursday, September 28, 2006

4 months old

Weight: 7.41 kg

What he is at this age:-
1. Making more cooing noises likes: mum mum, ma ma, emm and some others of his own sounds.
2. Roll to the left and can quickly lifts his head with support by his arm. (pic top right)
3. Grasp on things firmly.
4. Start to bite things, makes saliva bubbles at his lips and drop saliva.
5. Like to be carry and walk, do not have long morning nap.
6. Will cry when we walk away from him or just see you passby without approaching him.
7. Drink 4.5oz milk 6 times per day and no midnite wake.
8. Likes to play. His daddy bought 2 more new toys for him, but not so interested to touch it. He more interested to the mini gym.

His paed are recommended to give him some try on solid food and not eat for stomach full. Thus, hav given some sample Nestlé rice powder (to stir it to paste). Will giv him a try when he is near to 5th months old later. Lately not so co-operated when we bring him out to fren's house and dinner, he not sit still and cry a lot, thus we hav to go home early. Thats his pattern now.

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