Friday, February 16, 2007

TV feeds

If you ask me if I am ok to live in a house without TV. My answer is yes, I can. I don't particular like to watch TV very much. Watch or not doesn't matter. I only watch selective program, other than that, I don't watch. If I miss an episode, I don't purposely track it back and don't even bother hows the story ends, if the last episode I didn't watch.

For current, I only watch CH19 7pm the drama "Love Concierge", A MediaCorp production. Love to see the cast custome. Then, from 8pm onwards CH30 drama - Ten Brothers, Life Made Simple, The Charm Beneath, all I have watch before Terry was here. So, if you "gan cheong" want to know the story of Ah Wong or how it goes in The Charm Beneath I can tell you. Drama kind like Life Made Simple, I like the most, as it is no stress of watching it, simple to understand and have lots of laughter. LMS is my 3rd time watching now.

Terry likes watching advertisement now. He will stop playing and stare at the TV when he heard Ho! Ho! Ho! the Horlick ad which describing the nutritions of Horlick. Another one is the "Wall's Mini Cornetto" ad with a big fat cat. Ohh he likes a lot he will smile when saw that cat. Will show him a real one if have. When I let him watch Baby Einstein, he will turn here and there and not showing any interest to it. So, I still don't know whether is the right time now to give Baby Einstein. Anyway, I seldom on other TV program for him.

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