Tuesday, February 06, 2007

Shop for CNY

Last Sunday, purposely went to shop for Terry's CNY wear. We got out of the house at 7pm to Jusco, Cheras Selatan. Don't know what happen at the round about near Hotel Palace of Golden Horse from Astro, jam until it couldn't move for about 1 hour. Move very very slow. Luckily we near a junction exit to Seremban highway, so we just move to the junction even is it just alow like ant. If we not doing so, we don't know till when we going to stuck there. So, pay toll at Seremban Highway and Exit at Seri Kembangan/UPM exit, got stuck again to pay toll...aiyoyo....1 hours more in the car. Really not patient with that.

Finally we reached Jusco, faster take our dinner, really hungry. Not much mood in shopping also. Look out for discount tag and search from the mess tray. Able to find some. Paid then go home around 9.30pm. Not enough to wear, plan to buy again next round.

Before home, we just go and check at Poney warehouse, hope that they still open, as just now passby them at Seremban Highway around 7.45pm, saw that the tent is still open, and I thought that they will business till 10pm.

The next day, daddy bought him another 2 tops and 1 bottom from Jusco. These are all Terry new wear, various brand. We get all 1 year old/ 18-24 months...now kids wear is expensive than adult wear...really broke buying all new wear for baby as they wear out very fast. 7 tops 2 bottoms here is around RM200 after discount.

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TheBlueRanger said...

kid's stuff are really expensive and they change size very fast..