Wednesday, February 14, 2007

Mosquitoes bite

Lately, the weather turn extremely hot, daytime the sun shining bright and in white! and since the raining until flooding season just over and the mosquitoes are back in action of sucking blood. Even we stayed at high of 10th floor, but Terry always got mosquitoes bites him. At the moment, he having the highest number of bites since born. Total of 16 bites spotted over his face, arm and leg.

I read magazine before those mummy recommend Zam-Buk for mosquitoes bite, so I bought one to used on him now, and together rub with J&J anti-mosquitoes lotion, hope that it heals fast. The bites got big got small. Don't know whether he feel itchy or not?! normally we sleep under fan, but since a lot of mosquitoes at night, we on air-con now. But, still found new mark on the next day. Pity...

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