Monday, February 12, 2007

More on weekend

Yesterday back to my home for early re-union dinner. Since my mum will off work on 16th and we will need to back Seremban on 17th, it is no extra time for us to sit together to have a reunion dinner.

Since a week ago, my mum already bought all the things she wanted to cook and on the Sunday morning she skipped church just to prepare us a wonderful dinner. She insists want to make it even her both leg ankle is pain and feel tired for standing long. Since I got married out and hub seldom back my home for meals, so her purpose is to see everyone sit together. Initially, my mum also call my god-sis over for dinner, but she is very busy to keep the house for CNY. So, she not be with us in the dinner. My cousin bro, who work nearby my home, came for dinner too.

After church in the afternoon, I went to trim my straight and thin hair (thin because of dropping after giving birth), which stick to my face and makes me looks old and tired. I change my hair style. I got it a layer cut and perm for bottom part. The hair length is now above shoulder. This is my first time doing perm. Overall it looks young again and suit my face shape. I may plan to hi-lite it few days later...see how. I'm afraid I'm not used it, so I keep on asking my stylist not to make it too curly. A soft curly will do. Having permed hair no need required many brush on hair, after wash just simply put on hair cream and brush it with your finger.


Baby Darren said...

oh..then we can see your new hairstyle during blogger meet..haha

my hairstylist always try to convince me to do hi-lite but to me no point spend the money while most of the time staying at home... chamlor..gonna be a "wong min poh" for me liau...haha..

Judy Chow said...

Although we stay at home doesn't need much dress up nice cloth, but at least now CNY coming, make urself beautiful again lorr...stay at home also need to "pan leng leng" one...if not sure will be "wong min poh"....

anywhere, last time I used to go facial treatment, now totally no, can see my face is very rough now...just normal wash earning money for "pan leng leng" next target is facial treatment and spa...hope I can make it.