Thursday, February 01, 2007

Fruits Good for Health

Strawberries - Eat strawberries to cultivate patience, the process of growing vulnerability to pollution and, therefore, to read the patient eat before cleansing: to get rid of the label of leaves in the water, rinse, then use saline soak 5~10 minutes, the final reuse cold water soak 1~2 minutes. After this you can reap nutrition rich "live vitamin pills" unclean.

Grapes - particularly suited to the "lazy" people eat, because most health counseling is "not skinned, and not spit seeds." Grape skin and grape seed more than grapes meat nutrition. Red wine is better than white wine with the health effects, together with the shell because it is brewing. And the University of Bordeaux, France, researchers also found that grape seed, rich content enhanced immunization, delay ageing material opc, 85% were absorbed into the human body after use.

Lei - is a dynamic, full of energy fruit. It moisture adequate concentrations of vitamin A, B, C, D, E and trace elements iodine, to maintain the health of cells organizations to help organ detoxification, purification, can soften blood vessels, promoting increased blood delivered to the body during pregnancy skeleton.

Blossom - "look yao" as the guarantee human health, so that the functioning of the cardiovascular system healthy fruit. It contains the pectin to reduce low-density lipoprotein and reduce artery blood wall damage, and preserve vascular function, arteriosclerosis and heart disease prevention. Researchers also found that eating only blossom 8 campaign to promote visible injuries organ recovery organization.

Apple - Eat small apple a day can prevent a variety of illnesses, also made a full belly flu, and is indeed the most practical fruit. American Cancer Research Center Special Recommendations to prevent cancer is something Apple, which phytochemical content rich natural antioxidants can effectively eliminate stress and reduce the incidence of cancer.

Tomatoes - Is a special Jiagongsu super food, medicine radicals have intimate prevent cell pathological changes, and malic acid and citric acid were predicted to alleviate detoxification, liver wet, to improve feel very effective.

Lemon - can destroy multiple pathogens, and citric acid were rich and lemon oil, help to increase liver enzyme levels, accelerate the decomposition of carcinogenic chemicals, stored in the liver, remove the impurities and toxins. Sub-effective.

Watermelon - contains moisture and fructose, multiple vitamins, minerals and nutritionists, in addition to improved heat fever, feel limited in quantity, deep yellow color of urine, having blood in one's stool, alcoholism caught fit to eat, efficacy significant.

Carambola - Star fruits, Chinese medicine is rare that carambola detoxification, and the effectiveness of root apply to wind hot cough, toothache, oral ulcers, urethra calculus, alcoholism, childhood negative signs, especially for the on going radiotherapy cancer patients eat more carambola a protective mucosa damage efficacy, but kidney function abnormal persons must not eat.

Lychee - Living Tianjin, informative, promoting gas effect of improving the complexion, the blood, the mind, the medical view of the motherland: medicinal lychee enable people Baise ruddy good health.

Pineapple - in the center center containing a unique enzyme to break down protein. Therefore, if eating a lot of meat dishes, fresh pineapple to chew on several films, the absorption of good help.

Durians - Are rich in protein and salts, organisms have a good option, the Fruit category is a good source of nutrition. Durians have special smell, different people feel different, some people believe that if their foul cat Shi, some people believe that big strong fragrance. Such a sweet fruit smell, appetite for the effectiveness of dietary fibre which can promote defecate.

Huolongguo - Dragon fruits, nutrient-rich, unique function of human health excellent efficacy. It contains general rare plants and plant albumin anthocyanidin, rich vitamins and soluble dietary fibre. Albumin is a stickiness, gelatinous nature of the material, the effectiveness of heavy metal poisoning have detoxification.

Peach - slightly acid to cool thirst, fever heat, "lungs of fruit" that appropriate tuberculosis patients consumption. Peach fruits rich nutrition, particularly iron content than the rich iron deficiency anaemia patients is the ideal therapeutic good fruit. In addition, peach pumpkins more sodium fewer patients appropriate edema fresh.

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