Friday, February 23, 2007

2007 CNY (Part III)

19/2 初二 - Before the night, sleep at 1am, pack luggage for going to Ipoh and blogging for money la...wake up early at 5am in the morning, shifted down the things to the car. A lot..walk 3-4 times at least. Outside is just quiet and dark, since light at parking lot is out of service. After finish, eat breakfast, then check again from my check list of packing Terry's stuff is there anything left. Sarung stand, bottle brush, kettle, bottles and etc..those few importat, make sure are taken and of coz my own stuff. Wake Terry at 6.30am, feed him then clean him (not bath since still early to avoid catch cold). Then, I bath and style my hair at 7.30am, we left the house.

Drive all the way to Ipoh from Jln. Duta toll to Ipoh (S) toll exactly 2 hours. On the way raining, but no heavy rain. Not much of cars on the highway. Terry is just very sleepy. He continue to sleep on the way going, till almost reach Ipoh he wants milk. No havoc created.

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