Thursday, March 01, 2007

2007 CNY (Part VI)

21/2-22/2 初四-初五 - Stay at home these 2 days, no where to go. Cook porridge properly for Terry, as the past few days not having my own cook porridge. Hubby went out to gym and visit friends. Since my mum not yet start work, she came to play with Terry. I also take time to rest more.

23/2-24/2 初六-初七 - Hubby start work. My routine back to normal. Start cooking days and nights and went to market to get food. Too bad, many vege stall not open for business yet. Not buying much. At night, bungalow across my apartment many are playing firework. Hey, this year can't even see red colour firecracker. Seems like firecracker are out of sight during CNY soon. I brought Terry out to the balcony and watch at the firework.

25/2 初八 - Back to church. Receive and give out lots of ang pao. Lunch time, FIL invited my family and hub uncle and aunty for CNY 8 course lunch at Restaurant Pik Wah at Wisma MABA. 4th time lou sang. Finish, back home sleep.
At night, dinner with hubby's secondary schmate at Restaurant Oversea, Sri Petaling. Only 1 table. We have the room dine in. Terry happy playing with his schmate. Have the 5th time lou sang. Dishes and service quite good. Giving out angpao to all single friends. Only we 2 are couple, all are still single. So, no ang pao received from Terry. That MyFM DJ, Jason (hosting program from 8pm-1am, not in the pic left early) also attend, my cousin sis quite crazy about him..haha... Very hard to see him now, as he is very busy working during all the gathering time we set.

Actually I have a primary school friend gathering this afternoon too, but due to FIL ask for lunch, so I can't attend. It have been years I not attend the CNY gathering. Quite miss my primary class teacher. She going to retired this year Aug. I still waiting Andrew who just back from UK to call for gathering before he fly back to UK again. We not meet for 5 years and another of my best friends also not meet for 2 years plus, even we stay near. Hope we can meet up soon. After married have been lossing a lot of friends. Any gathering on now, I try my best to arrange and turn up.

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Baby Darren said...

Time flies...CNY is ending soon..everything is back to normal for me too. I'm suffering a bit from post holiday blue. Too used to having hubby around to help out and find it very helpless alone with darren nowadays.