Thursday, March 08, 2007

Keep motion sickness at Bay!

A car ride can become a problem if your child experiences motion sickness. Here's how you can take preventive measures and plan to enjoy your trip.

Mind Activity
Engage your child in activities that involve looking outside the car. Playing "I Spy" is fun or have him listen to his favourite song while he focuses on a distant objects.

Fresh Air
Make sure the air inside the car is free of smoke or strong smells from food and snacks. If possible, have windows slightly down to let in some fresh air.

Smooth Drive
Proper car maintenance, careful driving and less braking will ensure a smoother ride.

Rest Stops
Stop the car as soon as your child displays motion sickness symptoms. In fact a long car trip should have frequent stops to allow children to enjoy space and fresh air.

Stomach Solution
A light snack of dry crackers will prevent hunger pangs and settle an empty stomach that seems to ass to the symptoms of motion sickness.

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