Monday, March 26, 2007

Sad news

Few minutes ago, received Jane's SMS saying that her sis, Esther's 14 weeks pregnant twins baby died in her womb. I really feel so sad the moment I got to know it. Esther is my church member and she is so helpful and caring enough last time encourage me a lot on babies stuff and she even borrow me a lots of her pregnant wears.

I not going to church on 2 continuous Sunday. Everytime I'm asking around my parents how she is. She have been stop working for more than a month. After she got pregnant of the twins, she has not been eating well and vomit badly. And, in between of these period have in and out of hospital frequently. The first time was bleeding, due to the womb having something like ulcer according to them. It got clear off after a small operation. The last admit was due to high fever, and her doc also can't diagnose what is the actual problem. Previously she got pregnant on the 2 month olds baby forced to drop due to no heart beat. Everybody, especially sisters are feel nervous on her. Yesterday, in church, everybody did prayed for her to recover and hope that God uphold her and the twins.

Esther has a 3 years old daughter (a pre-mature baby the time when she delivered) and all these while have been trying hard to get conceived and seek many doc advices. So, these are the unfortunate cases happen to her. I hope she can accept what God's plan on her and may she get well soon. Will keep continue to pray for her.


sue said...

So sad to hear this. Hope she's taking it well.

sss1979 aka Nicole said...

I am sorry, hope she dont give up. Most important now is take care her body 1st.