Friday, March 30, 2007

10 months old

Weight: 9.48 kg (as at 7th March)

1. Having lots of his baby language. Whenever I talk to him, he will concerntrate listen and look at me talking to him, then when I stop he will response me with his language.

2. Run exrtremely fast in walker, almost follow me where I go in the house. He is using the highest height of the walker. Sometime I almost fell when he block my way and come hit my leg. In walker, like to hit the chairs and doors, then pull the chair and bang it to the glass table. Whenever I saw him doing that, I will hit his hand, now after few times I warn him and hit, he dare not to do that much once I shout "No". He crawl not that fast yet, also follow me where I go.

3. When saw something new to him, he dare not grab it immediatedly. He will look at me first (scared I scold) then he will touch it softly and point point it with finger first. After when I hold his hand to touch it then only he will take it.

4. Lazy to sit, but still can't sit for long and easy to fall aside, not having much balancing yet. Stand not more than 1 minute, can't hold on things and stand.

5. When I say "bye-bye" he will wave his hand (wave like the prosperity cat "jiu choi mao" hand). Do only when sometime he excited and happy he will do more.

6. Call "mum-mum" clearly when want to eat.

7. He can straighten his arm when stomach lie, and stretch his head up to. Hand can hold the bed side, but couldn't stretch up half of his body yet.

8. Day nap 2-3 times, per nap 2-3 hours. Try not to let him have evening nap, as to train him to sleep earlier. After the previous sick his sleeping time is change earlier to 1-2 hours now. Without evening nap, he will sleep between 10.30pm-11.30pm.

9. Like to throw things out from his cot, and keep on looking at the toy he throw out.

10. 6oz milk 3-4 times a day. Water amount almost the same. Sometimes need midnight feed. 2 times solid. Fish porridge as based and 2 types of vege. Seldom have fruits. No fingers food or teething biscuit. Once or twice a week having Barli drink. Whenever he saw us eating he sure want it, once we didn't give he will shouting and make fake crying there. So, I will give him a bit rice, or whatever those he can eat.

11. Seldom sleep in sarong and no bouncing net now. Place him in playpen. Previously we put him down bottom in the playpen, he refuse to stay there. Now, I clip back the bedding top and let him play and sleep there, he is more ok with it. Once I see him tired with walker or crawling, I will place him there, then he will continue play or bite there until he get tired himself and he will sleep. No more to pat him to sleep like in sarong. Most of the time he will sleep by himself now day and night.

12. Wear cloth size for 1 year old now.

So, the above scrapbook, first one, finally done after so long. I'm not so satisfied with this piece of work...will try to improved it when having more elements and backgrounds and get more ideas of placing the elements.


sss1979 aka Nicole said...

i have tag u in Sean's blog.

jazzmint said...

wow time flies eh..any big party for the 1 yo bday?

TheBlueRanger said...

Happy 10 months old to Terry!

Annie Q said...

Happy 10 months old Terry...
And ur 1st scrap is nice lei..Better than me lo..i'm not even try how to do lei..:(

Judy Chow said...

quite happy seeing him grwoing everyday and I'm so eager to celebrate his 1 year old birthday now. Still haven't really think of what to do...most probably will go out to eat and cut cake.

Annie Q: scrapbook ah..i stuck in many ways too before, I try n error many times, jazzmint did help me too...slowly can have one done. You can ask me if you have any problem in doing it. Later I may come up a post about "how to do scrapbook"