Saturday, March 24, 2007

Annual dinner

Yesterday night, went for my FIL's business annual dinner. Brought Terry alongs too. Met some banker, supplier and my FIL's friends that I used to know during the time I worked there after married.

Everyone very happy to see Terry for the first time, many uncles aunties carry him and play with him. The 8 course dishes are as normal quite ok. I don't feel like eating much with Terry along, don't know why. Too concerntrate of looking after him may be. Last time when he is small, he can sleep in noisy environment. Yesterday night, although I can see his tired face and red eyes, but he just couldn't closed his eye to sleep and lie down on stroller. So, makes me carry him and entertain him. Luckily my SILs sit beside help to play with him once a while.

Everything ends at 11pm. Everybody also tired. Hubby tired of drinking most probably.

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