Monday, March 05, 2007

Jogoya buffet @ Starhill Relish floor

3rd March, is our ROM day 2 years ago. We celebrated our 2nd wedding anniversary plus hubby birthday at Jogoya KL @ Starhill Gallery, Relish floor. We so excited looking forward of the day and the japanese buffet, as this restaurant having many good comments and high recommendation. We took the supper time to dine in, as hub not back work that early. Supper per pax RM78++ (plus 15% on service and gov tax, for 2 person RM179.40), starts at 9.40pm during weekend.
JO - A supreme place.
GO - The place live by the King.
YA - A shop.
The restaurant floor space is big, with many different section for you to go and choose your food. If you go in big group, a separate area and room is available. Book first before you go. There have dim sum area, hand roll area, sushi area, fried area, seafood area, grill area, dessert & cake area and drinks area. A total of 200+ dishes. Dish mainly are in japanese, chinese and a little bit Korean style. All looking good and fresh, especially the fish, crabs and oyster. Each piece of it they do neat arrangement. Sushi are kind of special, almost all use salmon to wrap it. If were to have in Sushi King, won't think can get those standard and you won't find cheap sushi here, like those cucumber, egg, crab stick. All very high class.

For those food need to cook or grill, you just need to drop your table no. tag with them and they will send after done. Each table will have a fire stove to keep your pot hot. The special pot they have is paper pot. A must try of their cakes, it just melt in your mouth. All cakes taste nice. Normally I don't eat much the cake served at buffet, but here I finish all.

We doesn't eat all of it like crabs, oysters and seafoods coz we afraid our stomach not comfortable after taking it. So, may feel a bit not worth for it. Jogoya buffet doesn't serve any local food. You can't find rice or mee here. The pic shows are those we ate. I can claim that this is the best buffet ever and I will go back again if got chance, although is pricy, but worth it.

Some extra info on Jogoya:
Lunch : RM78++
Late Lunch : RM68++
Dinner : RM88++
Supper : RM78++
Kids are charged RM10++ or more depending on their individual height.

Business hour:
Mon - Fri 11.30am-1am /
Weekend & Public holiday 11am - 1am

Tel: 03-2142 1268

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