Thursday, March 29, 2007

The last weekend and shopping

Last Sunday, need to go market in the morning, so skip church for the 2nd times of the month. Busy the whole morning with the food bought back, got it wash, cut and freeze it then bath Terry and put him to sleep. At about 11.30am only get myself can sit down to rest for a while. Started to get hungry, but need to dress up to go for lunch with FIL as hub's Singapore aunty back to KL for visiting. I'm not met her before as she seldom back to KL. So this lunch serve the purpose of meeting her too. We had the lunch at Pik Wah Restaurant.

After lunch, went to a staff new house warming. By the time we were there was about 2.30pm. Not much guest in his house already, as they started at 1pm. So since I'm quite full with the lunch, so I just have some drinks and food. His house at Bandar Mahkota Cheras, almost at Sg. Long there. Far away from city. Decorated simple and nice. At around 3.30pm we left and back home. At night my parents take away yong tau foo for me as dinner.

Yesterday night, went to Jusco Cheras Selatan and Econsave. Long time we never brought Terry to shopping, almost 3 months time. So just go for a short while. I got my RM20 Padini Voucher, so bought myself 2 new tops, as I'm not having much tops to rotate, almost old one after give birth can't wear anymore. Then, proceed to Econsave to bought some groceries before heading home. Econsave things really cheap. The price is cheaper than other at least RM 2-3. But mainly they are cater for malay customers, so some item I can't get it there.

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