Saturday, March 24, 2007

Journey of money blogging

Again update my journey of money blogging. Recently, my first big money from PayPal of USD200+ has been withdraw. The money is still in pending for PayPal to release it, then Bryan help me to convert it to RM immediatedly and bank in to my Maybank account.

I'm happy enough for this first money and I have plan what I'm gonna to do by giving it a small celebration ma..also the shopping list have started filling up my mind now. I hope by every month end I got at least USD100 to withdraw out then I can buy whatever I want.

Every night, after 2 boys going to their wonderland, I stay up around 2 hours time to check whether there is any good opps to grab, sometime blog hop and lately testing out my new blogger template that going to take over my current template soon. Lately, standard of PPP is getting higher, not having much opps for low rank blogger. They target more for higher PR blogger and those with own domain. Anyway, I still don't let go of any, grab whatever they offer. But this morning, suddently I feel a bit different, as normally I don't have much opps to take, how come they are so many white color instead of red? So, before I take those opps, I check my blog my surprise, my blog suddently gain a PR 2. Very happy already la...thats what I longing for to grab more opps with higher PR.

So now I tell myself, I must work even more harder and gain good responses and more visitors to my blog. Of cause, do as much paid post as possible. **finger cross** for my target.


Anonymous said...

I am so happy for u. How long have u join PPP? me just joined last mth.. and PR 0. Who is byran? how nice.. can get cash money. Me still havnt get 1st pay yet..

Judy Chow said...

I join PPP about 1.5 months ago. I did write for other paid-post around that time too, thats why my earning grow fast. Bryan is a web host who can draw out money for us in PayPal and bank into our own local account. Just write as much as you can, and you will get your money soon.

dragonmummy said...


I'm still working hard on that, THis is very addictive ..I see the money , but haven't get to withdraw out yet...but already slowly accumulating some from paid post.