Wednesday, March 14, 2007

Birthday gathering

Last Saturday attended Wei Yin's 2nd son, Xiang Xun 1 year old birthday party at her house. Reach a bit late, my other classamate who attended call me to check whether I will be there, as some wanted to see Terry. Party served with buffet, I'm not eating much as too busy to mingle around with LTNC classmate and chit-chatting. We all really are in woman talks and keep those husband who come along with a boring face.

When everyone sitting together, most of us married and with baby or pregnant. Wei Yin really "productive", she is going to have her 3rd one coming in July. All sons man! Salute her. The married couples who having hard time getting pregnant are so envy on her. Put Terry to play with the birthday boy, when he wanted to touched him, he make his face almost going to cry. Really funny looking at his expression. Have short update with Wei Yin and her living now. She married to the family who rules famous egg tarts, big family and staying in a big bungalow.

Since tagging along Terry, means can't stay long. We there for 1.5 hours. At 10pm everyone take a move. I'm still having a lot more to chit-chat with friends, hope we have another chance coming out and stay longer.

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