Saturday, March 17, 2007

Coping with Emotions After Birth

You have just had the most beautiful experience one can hope for - having your baby. But your body will not feel the same. Giving birth unsettles the hormones and your state of emotions. Add this to new responsibilities and you have a recipe for high anxiety, mood swings and irritable moments. Moms, you are normal. In fact such feelings should dissapear in a week or less; otherwise seek professional help and advice. In any case, here are some suggestions to comfort you.

1. Become a member of a mom's club and share your anxieties.

2. Have a healthy and balance diet.

3. Record your new experiences - your journal can be your sounding board.

4. Get help woth additional chores that may tire you.

5. Try not to be perfect; don't set yourself unrealistic tasks.

6. Treat yourself to a dinner or a movie with your husband - do something for yourself without baby.

7. Get as much rest as you possibly can - sleep when baby sleeps.

8. Seek help and advice from others - talk to friends, family, even your doctor.

9. Remind yourself there are others like you and you are not alone.

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